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Holly Lisle's Vision

Awards & Kind Words

In the first year of publication, Forward Motion and Vision have  received several nice awards and notices.  Here are some of them:

One of the first official notice we received was from the much lamented Inklings:

A modest title for an incredible e-zine! Online in HTML or downloadable in PDF format, this 102-page publication is packed with excellent feature articles on sf/fantasy and other genres. It's hard to believe this is free!


Writer's Digest:



"Highly Recommended" Preditors and Editors (tm) 

Link Of The Week  is Forward Motion, novelist Holly Lisle's website for writers. I am very impressed by the quality of the articles on this site, covering topics from literary agents to "going pro." And the community-- wow! Need a critique? Want to take a free writing class? Just want to dish about your favorite genre? Drop in to the message boards or chat room. You can also download free copies of all the past newsletters, and Holly's e-book, Mugging The Muse. That's right... free. 

Holly Lisle's Vision

Holly Lisle's bi-monthly electronic magazine, with great articles written by members and guests of the Forward Motion Writer's Community. Deemed one of 2001 Writer's Digest's 101 best sites for writers. Great freebies! 

Holly Lisle's Vision (serious advice on how to write and how to get published, from a published fantasy author)