Welcome to our third year of publication!

Issue # 13
January/February, 2003

Featuring an Interview 
with Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

As you can see, it's time for a few changes.  We've had two wonderful years of publication, and Vision has grown beyond all of our original expectations.  The work continues to bring in new challenges and rewards with every issue.  We have been given some wonderful articles to share with our readers, and received nice emails from our readers. Thank you to everyone who made the first two years such a wonderful success!

In this first issue of 2003, our theme is character creation, and there are a number of good approaches to the topic.  I hope that one (or more) of them works for you.  Check out our other sections as well, like Holly Lisle's Goal Setting Workshop and Cassandra Ward's word search puzzle, which we hope will be a new feature the rest of this year.

We have plans for the rest of 2003. The themes for the coming year will follow the creation of stories, from imagining the characters all the way to submitting the finished product.  If you have an insight on any of the following subjects, please consider writing us an article (500-2000 words):

March/April -- World building (Deadline, February 1, 2003)

May/June -- Plotting & Outlining (Deadline, April 1, 2003)

July/August -- Putting it all together (Deadline, June 1, 2003)

September/October -- Revising (Deadline, August 1, 2003)

November/December -- Submissions and Rejections (Deadline, October 1, 2003)

(Check out our Guidelines for more information -- and remember that we're always looking for articles that are writing related in anyway. The themes are only part of each issue!)

So welcome to 2003 from all of us at Vision and Forward Motion.  Good luck with your writing this year, 




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