Vision: A Resource for Writers
Lazette Gifford, Editor

A note on this issue's theme...   

eginning in this issue we are going to spend the year working through some aspects of story writing.  Character creation is the first step -- though it may not be the order in which you create your stories. 

As you read these articles, keep one important point in mind:  There is no one true way to write.  What we've offered in this issue of Vision is a collection of essays by people on how they create characters.  Some of the articles will spark ideas in the reader on how to address a problem, and others will seem totally alien.  They will contradict each other.  As you read through them, pick and choose points that you think will help with character creation, and don't worry if they come from articles expressing completely different viewpoints.  Remember, characters are people, and they are contrary, too. 

Themes for the remaining issue of this year will be: 


Plotting and Outlining

Putting it All Together


Submission and Rejection

We'd be happy to see any articles you'd like to write on those subjects, or on any other aspects of writing.  Check out Guidelines for submission instructions. 

Good luck and have fun! 

Lazette Gifford,
Managing Editor