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Issue # 57
May/June 2010

Table of Contents

Book Review:
Book Marketing in the Digital Age
Online Promotion Made Easy

By Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz

Copyright © 2010, Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz, All Rights Reserved

Book Marketing in the Digital Age: Online Promotion Made Easy is based on Yvonne Perry's own marketing experience. She is an accomplished freelance writer, author, and speaker. She writes about educational topics, and has also written several children's stories which she packaged into a picture book. Perry is the founder of the website Writers in the Sky (, a writing and editing service comprised of writers, ghostwriters, editors, and proofreaders.

Book Marketing in the Digital Age is a step-by-step guide to help authors market their books online. Perry includes a table of contents to easily guide you to the section you need. She begins with "What A Web Site Must Have To Compete In Today’s Online Marketplace." Other sections include "Getting Traffic to Your Blog or Web Site," "Other Ways to Promote Your Book Online," "Using Video for Book Promotion," "Author Interviews," "Podcasting," "RSS Feed/Syndication," and "Summary."

In the very first chapter, Perry walks you through the steps of creating a website which can compete in today's online marketplace. I found this manual to be very user-friendly and written in terms even the most computer illiterate person will understand. There are several options available to you in creating your own website, including doing the work yourself or hiring someone to do this for you. Perry discusses the importance of having your own domain name and how to obtain one. She offers information on page titles, page descriptions, and page tags. She also discusses navigation tabs and headings for your web pages.

Within the past few months, I created my first website to promote my own writing. With Perry's book, I learned how to enhance traffic to my website. Just one simple step gave me increased exposure. She suggests testing your meta tags and descriptions by typing in your domain name at When I went to Seocentro and entered my domain name, I found I didn’t have enough meta tags. Using examples provided by Perry, I determined how to add the proper meta tags to my website, thus increasing traffic and expanding my exposure on the Internet.

One of the most useful lists included in Book Marketing in the Digital Age is the list devoted to what you need on your site in order to promote your book. Some of these items you might consider yourself, such as a book cover photo or book reviews. There are also some you may not have thought of such as awards your book has won, or media releases about your book. She also directs you to several book blogs which contain the necessary components.

One component of a website which confused me is a media package. Perry breaks this down and gives concrete examples of what an author should use to create this marketing tool, such as a cover letter, author interviews, book reviews, etc. With the information I gleaned from this section, I will be able to put together a media package to better promote my own work. Perry also offers the reader a free PDF of a model online media kit.

Have you considered starting a blog as a way to promote yourself? Perry walks you through the steps including what to post, how often to post, and what other things besides your posts to have on your blog. Have you considered visiting other blogs and leaving comments? What about a blog chain? Do you know what it is and what benefits it can bring to your marketing plan? Perry discusses all of this and more.

Perry follows her own advice and has numerous online sites including both her Writers in the Sky website and blog. She has a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace presence. She has her own blog talk radio show and participates in Goodreads and Shelfari. She has information on Ning, RSS feeds, and Squidoo. In her book, Perry talks about why this type of exposure is necessary to develop your author platform and increase your ability to market and promote your work.

Also included in the book are numerous links to useful websites, such as where you can have your press release analyzed. Perry suggests other media directories where you can post your press releases for free. She also walks you through the basics of writing a good media release.

Have you considered article writing as a way to market your book? According to Perry, this is one of the easiest and most effective things you can do. In the section devoted to this subject, Perry gives links to places where people look for these articles. She also gives you hints on ways to use those articles to bring traffic to your website as well as a free PDF which you can offer your website visitors.

Did you know Amazon has an author page? This is a program which allows authors to create an author profile page and communicate with their readers. You can also link to your other online sites and import your blog from another site. I know I plan to create an author profile and take advantage of this free marketing tool.

This excellent resource gives the reader a number of links to useful sites to help you on your way. Perry updates these links periodically and will send those updates to people who purchase her book.

I found Book Marketing in the Digital Age: Online Promotion Made Easy to be a useful tool and one I will keep handy as I further develop my own marketing strategies.

Book Marketing in the Digital Age Online Promotion Made Easy
By Yvonne Perry
Published by Writers in the Sky
ISBN 0-9753870-7-3

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