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Lazette Gifford,
Publisher and Editor

Margaret McGaffey Fisk,
Senior Associate Editor

J.A. Marlow,
Assoicate Editor

Issue # 57
May/June 2010

Table of Contents

About This Issue

Issue # 57
May/June 2010

Welcome to the third issue of our tenth year in production! We're still working on a few odd things like our new Back Issues section, but overall, this has gone together well. It does seem to be an issue for steps and tips, though!

With this issue, J. A. Marlow joins us as the new Associate Editor, with Margaret McGaffey Fisk moving into the Senior Associate Editor position. J. A. will spend time scouring the internet, looking for blog posts and such that can be expanded into articles. Margarent will remain in charage of reviews, markets and our special Forward Motion 'New on the Shelves' section. All other articles should be sendt to me. You can see our email addresses on the left.

Remember that we're always looking for articles about writing. We'd love to hear from you!

In this Issue...

Inkygirl Comic comic from the talented Debbie Ridpath Ohi!

Questions for Authors Is your writing affected by the changing seasons? Find out what a few authors say.

Workshop: A Year of World Building and Conflict/Part Three This issue we'll cover two related subjects -- transportation and communications.

Top Markets in Fantasy by Margaret McGaffey Fisk Take a look at some of the best markets out there for science fiction and fantasy.

Advice for Young Writers: How Good is It? by Elizabeth Chayne While these articles are aimed at younger writers, there is good advice here for all of us!

Point of View, Narrators, Intimacy, and Head-hopping
By Catrin Pitt
can help you sort out those troubling POV Questions.

Realism in Fantasy World BuildingBy Lena Hoppe offers some good tips on how to create a solid fantasy world.

Idea Farming By Lazette Gifford is a look into how you can open your mind to finding ideas just about anywhere.

Every Picture Tells a Story By Stephanie Baudet shows how to collect and use pictures to help stimulate your imagination.

How to Know You Were Meant to be a Writer? By Suzan L. Wiener is a simple list of questions to help define writers.

Query Queasy? Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!By Hèléne Boudreau offers quick and easy answers for putting together a great query letter.

Plus Reviews and more!

The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.
~Sylvia Plath