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Lazette Gifford,
Margaret McGaffey Fisk,
Assistant Editor

Issue # 56
March/April 2010

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About This Issue

Issue # 56
March/April 2010

Here we are at the second issue of our tenth year in production! We're still working on a few odd things like our new Back Issues section, but overall, this has gone together well. It does seem to be an issue for steps and tips, though!

I would like to encourage all of you to submit material to Vision. I've learned that many people who have been writing for a while I have found things that are helpful for them, even if they haven't reached publication yet. You could well have a view point or a little trick that might well help others.

In this Issue...

Inkygirl Comic Procrastination comic from the talented Debbie Ridpath Ohi!

Questions for Authors What do some authors think are the imporant changes in the world of publishing over thet last ten years?

Workshop: A Year of World Building and Conflict/Part Two A continuation from last issue, with more potential trouble spots in your fictional world.

Top Markets in Speculative Fiction by Margaret McGaffey Fisk Take a look at some of the best markets out there for science fiction and fantasy.

Advice for Young Writers: The Rules of Science by Elizabeth Chayne While these articles are aimed at younger writers, there is good advice here for all of us!

Creating Characters for Children's BooksBy Stephanie Baudet will help you create excellent characters for young readers.

Twelve Steps to a Better Virtual Book Tour by Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz brings good solid advice to those who are starting to work on marketing for their books.

Three Steps to Creating Fantasy Names by Lena Hoppe is a great way to make certain your naming conventions will work for your story.

Seven Tips to Help You on the Road to Publication by Suzan L. Wieneroffers excellent advice that all writers should keep in mind.

Technical Writing Hints:Improving the Communication by Patrick M. Kennedy -- while this article is aimed at technical writing, it offers good insight into communications in general, and can help all writers.

Plus Reviews and more!

Words like winter snowflakes
-- Homer, The Iliad