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By Dina Malki
Copyright 2009 by Dina Malki, All Rights Reserved 

What can be an emerging writer's worst nightmare?  To hear other established writers and editors say that writing cannot be taught. Writing, they believe, is a God-given talent. That is true, but before you plunge into hopelessness, hold it right there!  Writing is also a craft that you can learn how to hone and nurture. All you need is time, willingness, persistence, passion, patience, and above all, resources.

An insightful place to gather information about the craft and business sides of writing is Linda J. Hutchinson, the author of the site, is a generalist as she describes herself. As a photojournalist and freelance writer, she writes extensively for trade journals specializing in heavy equipment construction. She also has a wealthy portfolio of articles about writing, marketing, parenting, food, living with chronic illness, and volunteerism.

A winner of the Preditors and Editors Site Award in December 2007, the website is loaded with free resources pertinent to every aspiring writer.  While maintaining a  visually attractive layout that is easy to navigate, it offers a life support system of an unlimited variety of tools to help writers hone their crafts. Among the rich content of the site are links offering free downloads, listing writers organizations, and providing lists of agents, conferences, markets, newsletters, and classes.

When I asked Linda for one piece of advice she could spare (and she is very generous in giving away tips) she declared her mantra: "Networking is the name of the game." Linkedln, Twitter, MySpace, The Writer's Chat room, Muse Conference Board, Murder Must Advertise, Freelance Writers and Editors, and Facebook are among the many places where Linda is networking. You can find all these links on her website.

Other links offer computer help, advice about contracts and rights, dictionaries and encyclopedias, and scam alerts as well as screen writing, spell checker and grammar, editing, critiques, and copy writing guides. Once you dive into the website, you should be able to surf through an endless treasure of valuable links that would make your plate overfilled with satisfaction.

The site further offers reading recommendations for both writers and readers, and a lot of advice of do's and don'ts. It does not forget about the young writers as it dedicates a page "for the kids." The "showcase" feature is where Linda interviews writers, authors, and agents.  You can read all the previous interviews in the "past showcase" link.

Had enough? Still would like to hang around and surf longer? Then stop by one of Linda's six writing blogs; they're interesting and amusing.. My favourite is "A writer's blog" where Linda goes patriotic and discusses anything from politics to Wal-mart consumer reports.

Even better, get a copy of Linda's valuable e-book: Bare Bones Basics of: So You Want to Be a WriterI got my own copy as well as a couple of freebies with it; I have my hands full with resources for many months ahead.

A rich website with a touch of style won't hurt; has also a link to an online gift shop. I know exactly where to go for my next shopping spree.