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From the Editor:


By Lazette Gifford
Copyright 2009 by Lazette Gifford, All Rights Reserved


Yes, we've all heard it at one time or another... the dreaded sound of a crashing hard drive.  It almost inevitably happens right before something important you really have to get done like the science report you should have turned in a couple days ago, the synopsis the agent would like as soon as possible... the 50th Issue of an ezine you've been trying to put together for a couple weeks already....

If you are lucky and wise, you will have everything backed up.

I was mostly lucky and wise.  I had almost everything backed up.  Unfortunately, the most important thing -- the email -- didn't care if I had backed it up or not, it just was not going to open on the new, lovely replacement computer.  I could hear the old computer laughing at me as I tried to cajole it into letting me at least view the information, if not copy it off to a thumb drive.  The old computer came through for me, and it's still holding on.  But the new one is lovely, fast and fun.

I think I eventually got all the material off the old computer, but I may have lost some of the pieces.  If I missed something you sent me, I apologize.

This is the last piece I have to write for this issue.  I find myself lingering over it, as though four days late with posting Vision isn't enough.  As if there is something more I should say; something wise, uplifting, and exciting because this is the 50th issue, after all.

But I think I'll just leave you with the words many of us have found ourselves saying at the end of a difficult writing-related endeavor:

I'm done!  I'm done!

What do I work on next?