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Issue # 50


Welcome to issue # 50 of Vision. Of course this is the one that would be late -- the one that has been planned for about a year, thought out, prepared... Life just works that way sometimes. This is an issue worth waiting for, though. We have a lot of wonderful little pieces that I hope you'll enjoy!
I hope that we can continue to bring you interesting, fun and informative articles that will help you during your writing career. Don't forget that I'm always looking for new writing-related articles! If you do not hear from me within 48 hours, please send another email!
I've also added a lovely little note at the bottom of this page. It came from a long-time reader and past contributor.

: Friend & Mentor


Lai Zhŗo

Copyright © 2009 by Lai Zhŗo, All Rights Reserved 

The fiftieth issue of Vision marks nine years of successful publication. It has amassed an incredible amount of material for writers at all stages.  

Yet, how has this e-zine helped writers? Specifically, how has it benefited me? Iíve been thinking about how to describe what Vision has helped me do. But do I expound upon which articles have spurred me on to complete various projects, or how the e-zine has provided abundant advice to help me examine and improve my work? 

Waxing lyrical per point would require several texts. And would possibly irritate even me! So, an overview, instead, of Vision and its personal impact:  

Over the years, Iíve watched Vision provide an encyclopaedic wealth of knowledge, both on the craft of writing and the publication industry. Yet, this is not all. Vision, for me, has gone further than just words on a screen describing techniques, resources, texts and all manner of writing tools. It has quietly helped me to build confidence in my writing, my self-assurance when I need to submit or send my work into the cold, cruel world; and it has kept me out of pitfalls and taken me on journeys I may not have dared alone.  

Every Vision article and workshop, each issue that Iíve read and re-read, has provided inspiration and courage, and contributed to the essential tools for effective self-critique. For me, as a whole, Vision  is far greater in value than the sum of its elements. It is my friend and mentor.


Lai Zhao lives in an agoraphobic-claustrophobic multinational city in the Far East. The place is perfect for daily immersion in marketing (and inventive oddities), while offering opportunities to write user guides and edit technical copy. It is also excellent source material for writing articles about IT, marketing, language newsletters, using Far East cultures in worldbuilding (contribution to The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy, Vol. 2: The Opus Magus, ), and networking for writers (contribution to The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy, Vol. 3: The Author's Grimoire,

Contributor to The Opus Magus