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Issue # 43

January/February 2008

We have a wonderful new issue to start out the 2008 year!  But before I discuss it at all, let me mention a rather troubling problem we've faced.

It's the Interview Curse.

During 2007, we had two different people break fingers and another badly cut one right after they agreed to an interview.  We had email programs explode, businesses self-destruct, and I wouldn't really be surprised to find out that this rather horrible winter is also the fault of the Interview Curse. (I have someone I would like to interview who lives in the general area that has been without power for weeks.)

I am preparing to sacrifice pens, papers -- even an entire computer if necessary -- to the Muses in hopes of getting things back where they belong.  Then I have to look for a very brave person to try out the idea of interviewing again.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy our first issue of the 2008 year.  We have some wonderful articles for you, covering such subjects as immersing yourself in your stories to the problems with the 'emo' backlash.  We also have three great reviews!

And for those waiting on the PDF versions, I hope to have them all done and uploaded by the end of this week.

On a final note, Forward Motion is celebrating its tenth year in helping new writers achieve their dreams of writing better and publication.  Stop by and check the site out!

Don't forget that I'm always looking for new articles.  I'd be happy to hear from you!