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Writing Goals for 2008

By Forward Motion Writers
Copyright 2007 by Lazette Gifford, All Rights Reserved

Note from Editor:  With this last issue before 2007, I wanted to see how some writers are viewing the coming year, and how they planned to approach their writing goals for 2008.  I've found that seeing what others plan sometimes helps me focus my own plans.  I hope these notes help you as well!  Good luck with 2008 and whatever writing goals you might decide upon!

--- Lazette Gifford



I've got a hectic non-writing year next year, so all I'm planning for is to finish off my current WIP and edit it. I'd love to finish the year with a submit-able novel. Any extras above and beyond that are gifts; however, I would like to complete NaNo. I'd hate to lose my run of participation (5th year this year!).

And maybe get some of these interesting ideas out of my head and onto paper. That would be my ultimate, overarching goal.


I'm going to:

* continue sending out my novel to agents

* get my second novel written

* co-write a script

* work on a few more short stories and spread them about

Wow, that sounds like a lot, especially since I'll be learning Spanish, working after a year off, and moving in with the bf and learning how to live with someone else again.


In 2008, I really want to get the novel I started for NaNoWriMo 2006 finished and out the door - I'm enjoying the revisions, but I don't want it to drag on forever! 


My plan is to finish and get out the door all those things I was supposed to finish and get out the door this year... 


In 2008, I want to find a home for my fantasy novel.

I want to get the sequel for that one planned and underway. I want to finish my fantasy chick-lit WiP, and write a Regency romance. Depending on whether or not anything happens with my fantasy submissions, this might have to take a back seat.


If I don't hear from any of my submissions of SD, I plan to revise it once again and do a couple of more - maybe reconsider the idea of translating it to English and submitting to British and American agents and publishers. That will affect what I decide to do with CDL, assuming I finish the first draft of it during NaNo this year.

I plan to finish the first drafts for MTC and the first book of my 2YN trilogy. Then I want to edit and revise MTC and maybe send out a couple of submissions on it before the year ends.

Something I really want to do is start producing more short pieces and trying to get them sold.

And I wouldn't mind finding a nice workshop on writing non-fiction. 


I'm slow, so my ambitions are small.

Four stories in the mail by the end of the year. 


I have four main goals for writing this coming year:

1. Finish editing my 2005 NaNo novel -- this is of less priority than #2, though, so I'm really talking specifically of the editing I do myself. If I get to the point of getting critiques, that would be great.

2. Finish the 2YN class on time -- in other words finish writing and editing that novel and send it out. Though, admittedly, I'm hoping the writing will all be done in November of 2007, so I'm not sure which parts of this will actually be in 2008.

3. Work on planning/worldbuilding a novel. I have two different ideas that I've already started work on, but I think it's best if I stick to just one of them.

4. Write -- probably on something I've already started.

Ideally, I want to have three main projects:

One I'm actually writing, one I'm planning, and one I'm editing, so that I have a mix of all three. Admittedly, I tried that last year, and it didn't work. *sigh* The problem is that I only have the 2YN novel that's actually *ready* to be written. 


Well, to be honest, I'm a little reluctant to set goals for 2008 after the wonderful mess that was 2007. I no longer believe I can viably follow a plan.

That said, I'd like to get Kyrnie and Selkie out the door. I'd like to establish a new routine where I do a first pass edit of new novels immediately, and I'd like to make some progress on my edit pile. 


I think I'm about ready to start submitting things, so that's what I'm planning on. Also my usual writing blitzes, but I think I'll probably do less of those and more editing months. I have so many novels to whip into shape already ...

What I would like to do is get at least three of my novels into shape to submit this year, and begin looking for markets for some of my short stories. (Yes, my short stories. I've got to learn to do this sometime.) 


What I hope to accomplish:

Edit 2 novels

Get at least one novel out for submission

Continue submitting short stories (60 subs/resubs for the year)

Write at least one new novel

Write more short stories

But since I will be coping with Baby's first year, we'll see how much actually gets done.


I'm trying to be much more goal-oriented about my writing, these days. In 2008, I'm aiming to qualify for SFWA membership through short story publication.

That means a) write/finish/polish/send a lot more short stories and b) when sending, start at the top of the SFWA pro-market list and work my way down.

(I hasten to add that this is a personal goal intended to prove something to myself, and doesn't represent a deep thirst to join the SFWA for its own sake.) 


I'd really love to finish Pirouette and get it out the door.

I also want to finish the first draft of my 2YN novel, Survivor, once and for all.

Writing at least one new novel would be nice, too.

Find an agent!


I'd like to get Gordon's Knot (the cozy, witchy mystery) finished and edited.

I'd like to finish The Mercian Quarter (2YN)

And the biggie:

Kristava's story needs to be re-outlined and rewritten as a trilogy. This story is the reason that I joined FM and I think that I've progressed far enough to start this process.


Write. Write more. Write even more. Keep going. Finish something. 


Revise a novel I should be finishing it up before the end of this year. World build and write a new novel.

Keep submitting queries!!


Well, 2007 did not go *precisely* as planned, but I should be finished the year-long revision in the next week or two and begin submitting.

So goals for 2008 would include:

Do my best to land an agent (keep submitting).

Revise 2 more novels up one level each.

Write 1 novel. 


I'd like to do the following things in 2008:

1. Finish the first draft for the illegal magical racing novel, preferably within the first half of the year

2. Polish and submit at least one novel manuscript, probably Bailo's stuff.

3. Write the B2S class on archery, though I'd rather do it before 2008.

And some other things, probably, but I'll just write them down as they come to my mind. 

David Bridger:

Hmm. I'm reluctant to make resolutions for 2008, after the way 2007 poleaxed me. I'll work on the three novels I have in various stages of completion:

Keep on submitting fugue;

Complete Quarter Square and start querying; and

First draft Ha'penny Street in Nano '08. 


Edit more. (I think I say this every year though.) Then send some novels out, see what happens. Reread and finish a stalled novel and work on some outlines. I would also like to get a couple novel wrote. (as long as I continue to edit!) 


If I don't get everything done, it doesn't matter too much, but in an ideal world I would like to:

1) finish the edits on Paragon and begin querying again by end of feb (hopefully this won't take that long, but I've given myself lots of extra time).

2) Finish In League with Satan and have it to reader by end of August

3) Finish Oikon (Paragon 2) and have it to my reader by end of year.

4) Write 5 new publishable short stories and continue submitting and resubmitting what I have got

5) Write 3 non-fiction pieces 


* Finish the first draft of "The Archivist"

* Revisit "Guthwulf," a stalled project from a couple years back. I've been mulling over some ideas about how I can tighten up the story. 

Linda Jo Martin:

My goal: to get two more novels revised, and to start submitting them. 


Prep novel for submission in 2009.

Update personal blog once per day (except weekends)

Write a book/game review at least once per month

For work, write at least one editorial post a week 


1. Have two more novels out the door and making the rounds.

2. Outline a novel, and write said novel from said outline -- just to see if I can perform this feat.

3. Finish up at least one of my unfinished novels. I've got plenty to choose from ...

4. Organize my writing space and manuscripts.

5. Try something new. New genre, new format, new anything. Just to keep myself fresh. 


I wasn't going to post because my life seems to prevent me from executing any plans I come up with. However, I realized today that I do have one little plan.

I'm doing NaNo this year. I'll have to set aside times specifically for writing next month if I'm going to have a prayer of finishing. My plan is to keep writing in those times after NaNo is over, at least through next year. :smiley: 

Sean Bateman:

I'm currently working on a novel, well the second (or the first) of a companion book, and I would like to get that done and edited by the end of the year. I have almost my next idea ready, just missing some bits and bobs. 


1) Finish the novel that I'm starting for NaNoWriMo 2007, edit it, and actually send it somewhere.

2) Keep improving my health. This is writing related, because I can't write when I feel like reheated, regurgitated crap. 


I'd be happy just finishing the articles I told my writing job that I would do without any more bad news like, oh I don't know, deaths in the family?

Seems like that as soon as I got the writing gig bad luck keeps hitting making me have to stop and take care of business. Maybe the bad luck has stopped and I can get back to it. Assuming, of course, that I haven't been fired. lol

I've been thinking of dragging one of my WIPs out of dusty files and working on that, too. 


In 2008 I plan to:

1. Finish my 2YN.

2. Get the previous book edited into something I can send out.

3. Start submitting things in a serious way, not the haphazard pattern I have now.

4. write something more SF than fantasy, just for a change.