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Issue # 42

November/December 2007

Welcome to Issue # 42!

This is the issue that 'almost wasn't.'  This previous year -- and especially the last couple months -- has been filled with all kinds of problems for the Vision and Forward Motion Websites.  Every time I thought I had things worked out, another problem popped up.  It started with the demise of a wonderful service provider, and has been one difficulty after another since then. 

These troubles have even spread into my email.  If you have written to me and got no answer, please try again. 

This is part of the reason we have not had interviews two issues in a row.  We have people lined up, but the email and site problems created glitches.  We hope to be back on track with the January issue!

 Despite all the problems, we've reached the end of our sixth year with a really great issue!  I have the feeling that having survived 2007, we'll be better for it in 2008!

However, that survival really depends on those of you who read this ezine.  I always need articles and it is up to those of you who know about Vision to provide them for us.    

I hope you enjoy this issue!  And remember to write!