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Issue # 41

September/October 2007

Summer is nearly over here in my part of the world, and that means many people are very busy with children (or themselves) going back to school, savoring the last days of warm weather, and settling in for the coming cooler weather.  I hope, as that happens, some of you will consider writing an article or two for Vision.  We've nearly reached the seven year mark, but the submissions are starting to slow down!

How about some feedback from readers?  Write me at zette@lazette.net and let me know what you think and what sorts of articles you'd like to see in the next issues.

Holly Lisle has provided a wonderful Workshop on twists for this issue, and we have several great articles!

The Interview is not ready at the time I post this, but it may be there by the time you read this issue.  If it isn't, be sure to check back in a week!

I hope you enjoy this issue!  And remember to write!