Lazette Gifford
Publisher & Editor

From the Editor:

It's a New World -- Mostly

By Lazette Gifford
Copyright 2007 by Lazette Gifford, All Rights Reserved

The world of writing has changed dramatically, at least at the personal level, in the last two decades.  Twenty years ago, the idea of meeting with other writers on-line was barely catching on.  Now, it's not unusual for people from entirely different parts of the world to meet regularly in a chat room to discuss both real life and writing.

However, writing still remains -- and will always remain -- a strictly personal, solitary pastime.  If you have the kind of mind that can multi-task, you might find yourself writing while in chat (I do sometimes), and find the pleasant and even helpful if you get stuck.

For those of who live in small towns with no access to face-to-face groups, or those who work odd hours, or just can't get clear of other things in order to make regular meetings, this age of Internet access has finally allowed a contact with others who share the same dreams and frustrations.  It's ended the myth of the solitary, anti-social writer, hiding up in an attic apartment, scribbling away at their tomes.

Well, mostly.

Think about having those Internet people in your home, instead of on-line.  Oh, no... we will be quite happy with your Internet friends staying mostly in electronic world, especially when we're trying to write.  A nice quiet attic sounds good, in fact.  There are days when even the cats offer too many distractions.  (Fewer cats might help.)

I love the world of the Internet.  I can't begin to tell you the number of ways it's helped me with my writing.  Research, inspiration, sympathy and a personal cheering squad are just a few clicks away.

But it's still going to be you and the keyboard.

You can do it!

But don't forget that there is help out there if you need it.