Lazette Gifford
Publisher & Editor

About This Issue

Issue 40

July/August 2007



Welcome to our 40th issue of Vision!  I'm always amazed when I realize how many issues we've put out over the last few years.  Since this is a labor of love, I should always remember to thank all the many people who have written such nice articles for us, but also Ellen Wright and Margaret Fisk who help out and edit.  I could not get the entire ezine put together without their help.  I would also like to thank my husband Russ, who has taken up the job of helping with Interviews this year, since I just have not had the time.

But we've made it through another issue and done very well, although there seems to be a plethora of lists this time for some reason.  This was unintended and I didn't even notice until I began putting the material together.

Lists are good, just maybe not so many all at once. 

We have a wonderful interview with Diana Pharaoh Francis which I hope you'll check out.  There are many great articles  in this issue.  We cover everything from writing for children to writing nonfiction and from organizing your desk to working with writing groups.

As always, I hope that you enjoy the issue and consider offering an article of your own in the future.  Vision only pays half a cent per word, and I prefer to pay via PayPal.  If you are interested, give it a try.  We're always interested not only in new ideas, but new looks at old ideas as well.

I look forward to hearing from you.