Lazette Gifford
Publisher & Editor

About This Issue

Issue # 39
May/June 2007

With the coming of spring and summer (at least in the part of the world where I put Vision together), I have noticed a renewal of articles and a surge in spirits among the writers who contribute.  This issue is a good example of those seasonal changes -- it seems as though many of the contributors are feeling the joy of stepping away from winter's confinement and spreading wings to new horizons.

In this issue we have all kinds of new, wonderful articles to help you with your writing, including a workshop that is a chapter out of Holly Lisle's new book on writing.  We have a wonderful interview with Jim Hines, and great articles on different aspects of writing, from the link between visual and written art to articles on examining your characters and getting their actions and motivations clear.

I hope you enjoy the current issue, and I hope you'll take the time to consider writing for Vision!