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Planning for 2007

As 2006 came to an end, I again asked what the many people at Forward Motion planned for their writing in the new year.  Here's a listing to give you a view of how a wide diversity of writers face the idea of a new year of writing.  Reading through it, you'll likely realize that you're not alone in your hopes, plans, and worries.

2007 is a good year to make your own plans!

Zette's Plans:

In 2007, I plan to return to editing more of my older material and get it out in submissions. This was the plan for 2006, as well, but it didn't quite work out as well as I had hoped. I intend to put more of my efforts into it this year, though.

Oh, and I'll write a few new things, too. (grin)

WorthyWoman's Plans:

1. Do what is in my power to not get sick so often or so long!

2. 200,000 words this year -- even if I have to count e-mail! (Not really!) That should get me finishing the novel that I intended last month, along with some other projects that I haven't detailed yet.

Mamarose 1900's Plans:

Finish 50 Ways. That's it. Once I've done that, I'll figure out what to do next.

Silvara's Plans:

Well, I'll still be in grad school. I plan to finish my second novel in 2007 and edit it. I also plan to work on some short stories to submit. There probably won't be as much time as I would like for that sort of thing with school and work, but I'm going to try to do it anyway.

Freewriter003's Plans:

I'll be participating in NaNoWriYe 2007, with a personal goal of 350K new words, mostly novels and short stories. But, since I've never gotten anything past the first draft before, I also hope to get at least two novels (my recent NaNo and at least one more that I write) edited into final draft form over the course of the year.

My other big project is that I want to write, edit, and publish a collection of children's stories. I plan to self-publish through Lulu, as I really only need one copy; I'm planning it as a birthday gift for my niece in June. That's a lot of work though, and I want it to be good, so if I need to, I'll push it back to a Christmas present (I'd rather take the time and make it a quality gift than just rush to get it done before her birthday).

Colorbird's Plans:

I plan to write another 300k next year (matching what I've done in 2006), work more on editing old stuff, and hopefully get one thing ready to submit. I wanted to submit this year but it didn't happen. I also want to finish my 2YN.

Snitchcat's Plans:

Finish this year's NaNo. It's been in the works for a very long time and it needs to be polished and out the door. (^_^)

Headofwords Plans:

I've been living overseas for the past three years, (Italy, now Japan), and have experience coming out of my ears. I have two scrappy novels, a handful of less than inspiring stories and a wad of slightly satirical articles out of that time, but the turmoil and a thousand other things to do, like learning foreign languages, have put my first love, writing into freefall. Next year is the year I'm going to drag it up from the embers and reignite it.

mz Plans:

#1 Get a faster internet service.
#2 Buy and study Publisher's Lunch.
#3 Take on a writing workshop.
#4 Complete only ONE new novel and concentrate on magazine articles for my bread and butter.
#5 Search for the holy

Satu Plans:

I plan to try and keep my momentum after NaNoWriMo, and to keep writing every day. To outline and draft a new story with the characters from my NaNo, with an eye towards publication. To revise the short stories I wrote this year and see if and where I can submit them. Today I've started outlining another idea that popped into my head during NaNo, and I plan to have a draft of it finished before next November.

(Update: Instead of those two ideas, I'm actually going to participate in 2YN and, at the same time, work on an old old novel idea.)

Finally, I plan to get more involved in Forward Motion, and to continue to learn about writing!

Luminessence Plans:
Write the last of Nothing So Pure, if I don't get it done by the end of December. I also plan to revise it, and possibly begin submitting.

Revise Lessons (my NaNoWriMo novel).

Participate in NaNoWriYe 2007. Not sure what my goal will be yet; probably somewhere around 400k words for the year. I want to keep being as prolific as I've been lately, and get a couple more novels written.

I might submit a short story or two, just to get something out there, but novel-writing is my priority.

MarFisk Plans:

Well, there's goals and plans. I'm going to try once again to clear off some of my edit pile.

I want Heart of the Crystal out making the rounds (doing the "final" edit now so should be doable).

Everyone else wants Selkie edited .

I'd like to get a second novel edited at least and it would be nice to get another out making the rounds.

I want to finish Becoming Home (the romance I started as my second NaNo novel), and I plan to write at least one more novel next year, though I have no idea what.

Besides that, more short stories written, edited, polished, and out the door.

Bonniers Plans:

Write first draft of Michael's story -- not young adult despite the teenage cast. That should take around 3-4 months.

Third-pass edit of Joey and get it to beta readers. I'm hoping for 2-3 months on this.

Write some new short stories. Edit old short stories. Get them out into the cold cruel world.

Second draft edit of, um, what was it now? Right. Gerry and Dan's Robbery Service, a.k.a. the dragons story, a.k.a. as my 2YN. If this takes as long as Joey's second draft did, I'll be writing well into 2008.

In my copious free time, look at Not Forgetting and see whether it's worth making one more try at making it publishable.

Plan a NaNoNovel so I can not work on it for the third year in a row.

Valeriecomer Plans:

Having not (quite) achieved my goals for 2006, it seems crazy to set them higher for next year, but, well...

Assuming I will finish Squid yet this week:

Finish revising Quest to be Queen. This is first edits--send it out to critters.

Revise Marks of Repentance, second batch of edits. Hope that it will be ready to use as agent bait.

Write something. Perhaps my 2006 2yn project, Puppet Prince? Jhonal started nudging me just before Nano, but I stuffed a sock in his mouth and made him wait.

Revise something else. This year's Nano? Another pass on Quest? Third round of Marks?

Do Nano. No idea with what.

Add water. Stir. Repeat. Go crazy.

Jill Webb Plans:

I should finish Flowers by the end of the year so I can start the year with a rewrite of AfterQuest and finish AQ3 before delving into full scale edits of Flowers.

If all that gets done, there are another three novels to start!

Suelder Plans:

My plans for 2007:
- finish The Basiltine Guild (Nano novel), if I haven't by the end of December.
- Revisit Kristava's tale and outline it - finding the plot holes and filling them. I've got 330K written and still no ending.
- Open the Guild and Kristava's tale up for crits.
- Learn about editing and start that task

I'd like to move toward publishing Kristava's tale and The Basiltine Guild, but I think that there's a lot of work to do first.

dsgood Plans:

One short story a month at least rough-drafted.

Send out any which I decide are ready.

One novel chapter a month first-drafted.

e jim shannon Plans:

I've got two novels planned plus a novella.

David Bridger Plans:

Find a great agent to help me sell fugue, for starters.

Take The Orphan Age from initial concept through to submission.

Outline one short per month until September and 16 more in the October outline marathon, to prepare 25 themed shorts with a story arc for nano.

Raise the poetry bar and submit to the best quality magazines and reviews.


I've signed up for 2YN 2007 so that'll replace the shorts (the third item above).

I'll see how it all goes before deciding whether or not to do nano next year.

Bondgirl Plans:

I'll be having a baby in April, so I expect to not get much done for a couple months there.

However, in the beginning of the year, I'd like to outline and get a first draft hammered out for the chick lit novel I'm researching for right now.

When I can get back to work after the baby comes, I want to get my rough draft of Sev and Jalia tamed into something resembling a respectable draft, and start the editing and rewriting process with that.

Ideally, I'll be querying agents for S&J by sometime in the fall, and editing the new novel while I'm waiting for my rejections to come in.

I also would like to get some short stories published, so I should probably take the first step and produce some new material.

TNelson Plans:

Let's see-2007-hmmmm

Get Wilderness Heart edited, rewritten, or whatever needs to be done to get it submitted.

Find an agent

Research for a couple of plot bunnies hanging around

Prepre for Nano 2007

First time Nano

jschara Plans:

I plan for 2007 to be a year of finishing, revising, and polishing. I have three novels to clean up -- one still needs to be finished. I have agent research to complete and queries to begin sending.

This will keep me on track for being ready to write when I retire -- which looks like it's coming up in 2008. After retirement, I have some GI Bill money to use, so I'm looking into going back to school -- most likely for a PhD in Philosophy. That will take three years of concentrated effort, and if writing the dissertation doesn't completely screw me up for fiction work, I think I'll have a better process to work with in preparing and plotting fiction.

Next month calls for library time to search the UMI dissertation database to see what's been done and what I can build upon that interests me and ties in with philosophy and adult education (what my master's is in and what has to tie into the PhD program -- because the PhD program has to work with a master's in a different field, and I don't want to get a second master's.).

And, of course, continuing the habit of working on writing every day -- the whole purpose of this year's NaNo (30 Days to Regularity) when I started it.

Jonc Plans:

I plan to finally try for another chance at publication (this time on purpose, not by pure chance like recently... ). I am, at this moment, writing the climax to Love Like Blood. I just need to write one more final chapter, then do the rewrite. I plan on sending it out early next year!

Now for other projects? Hmm...I do plan on getting my own freelance writing career up and running...

Oh, and starting a new book! Not sure which backburner idea I'll use, but we'll see...

Drake Tesla Plans:

Finish 'Magic in Translation', my NaNo novel.

Do a first pass edit of 'Translation'.

Join a crit circle (here or elsewhere) to hone my skills. Well, bash them into some sort of shape.

Prepare a minimum of two novel-length outlines and the associated worldbuilding and character work.

Begin another novel.

Stay in the habit of daily writing.

Maripat Plans:

Finish up my NaNo novel. (Which is also the same story I started in the 2YN class.) Start sending out queries to agents.

Shana Plans:

I plan to do a lot of focusing on revision. I have drafts of four books that need to be worked on so I can get them out the door. Also I hope to write the first draft of two more novels.

KSimm38 Plans:

Old Man Zuckerman, a short story, has already been submitted to Strange Horizons. If it is not accepted there, then 2007 will be a process of submissions for me. I would like to finally get something published professionally.

Beyond that, I've got four more ideas for short stories I would like to develop, write, and edit. Hopefully these, too, will be worth publishing.

I also hope to pull out the cast-aside novel I worked on for so long -- until I decided it was crap -- dust it off, and restart with a better handle of what I want to do with it. While it may not be the most ambitious goal, I hope to have a complete outline of the novel by the end of '07.

Fetu Plans:

1. Get Warrior Angel out the door to Berkeley before the end of January.

2. Get Feel My Voice out the door to St. Martin's before the end of February.

3. Start writing Wolf of Whitechapel. That is my obsession. It will most likely take 18-24 months to complete, thought I'm not sure right now if that will include edits or not.

#3 is subject to change pending a contract for either #1 or #2, of course.

anavicenteferreira Plans:

Continue submitting Dragon's Blood
Edit The Unraveller
Write and edit The Waif
Submit short stories and articles to several paying markets
Start querying agents

l clausewitz Plans:
My plans for next year covers maybe only the first half--and it consists of writing and finishing the first draft for Gilded Lilies followed by a massive revision on Bailo's story to get it to a crittable (if not outright publishable) state. In the process I may also write short stories and articles as well, but I won't count them among my primary or mandatory goals.

 witchofbreithla Plans:

So many things, so little time...

I plan to edit my NaNo novel (which should be finished in December) and send it out to beta readers.

While it's out, I plan to finish the first draft of Witches (assuming I can get it back on track).

Do a final polish on the NaNo story.

Start querying agents.

Write and submit two shorts.

Start drafting Witches II.

I'd better get started, huh?             

Miah 79 Plans:

I plan to

1. Finish writing Where Does the Sky Begin

2. Get married in April

3. Edit Where Does the Sky Begin

4. Join all the Word Count Dares, and maybe before the year is out actually hit that 1000 words a day goal.

Justinvs Plans:

Since I'll be editing the novel I sold early in \07, I'm desperately trying to finish the revisions on the novel I wrote last year. After that, I might start another YA novel, or take a couple months first to build up my short story reserve and then jump into the novel afterwards.

Oh, and I have a play to write between now and February.

In other words, I'll be busy.

AriCuryll Plans:

*Continue daily writing--goal 25,000 words/month
*Be more active here to maintain my motivation and learn new things!
*Finish writing Ordinary Girl if I don't finish in December
*Write 5 short stories and submit them
*Get Ordinary Girl into final form and ready for submission
*First half of year make a plan for moving into freelance work
*Second half of year start implementing freelance plan
*Start another novel
*NaNoWriMo 2007

Astlin Plans:

After spending the last year in an unexpected (and depressing) slump after finishing my first novel, my plans for this year are getting back into the writing zone and finish my second novel, which will be my languishing 2YN, Bear Riders. The plan after completing it is simply starting the next one.

Xiuhcoati Plans:

January 1st-31th
Let my NaNo novel rest and work on Unforgivable Sin instead. Goal of 50,000 words for the month.

February 1st-28th
Go over NaNo novel again and submit for critique

March 1st-31st
Fix all critiques and do another go over. Begin working on perfect query letter.

After March…finish up anything I was too lazy to do in the first three months. Try to publish my story, and pick up Unforgivable Sin again.

Cosmic Lightning Plans:

I'll be mostly writing Dragon and probably editing Max as well...
I'd like to have something fiction published by the end of this year, so I'm going to be working on a bunch of short stories and refining my skills with short stories (Read: I'm not very good, must get better.)
Also planning to write a few nonfiction articles, and I have to find a place to publish the ones I've already written

Hepzibah Plans:

Actually revise one or both of my two NaNoWriMo novels (the one from 2005 is still in first-draft stage). Finally, finally finish the romance novel. And try to get in the habit of writing, if not every day, then at least most days.

Crimson Angel Plans:

Continue to write every day.
Try to hit 400k for '07.
Finish Pirouette if it's not done this month.
Start Pirouette rewrite/figure out trilogy
Finish Obsidian.
Start agent hunt.
Write one new novel -- something that's in the queue waiting patiently.

Magicalbookworm Plans:

Hopefully I'll finish editing Run this month but if not that is on the list for 07.

I think I'll try and edit for most of 07 along with some writing projects. I would like to finally start writing my 2yn novel. Hopefully finish a book that is half done, along with two others in the series.

Plus I would like to get a few ideas into outline form before the next Nano!

Meowkitty04 Plans:

I have a writing project I'm planning out right now. It's requiring a lot of research, and I'm working on it when I can. I'm hoping to get a good ways into it, if not finish it, sometime in 2007. I was also hoping on doing 2YN. On something else. We'll see ...

RavenCorbie Plans:

Now that NaNoWriMo is over, I plan to get back to my 2YN... although I'm very, very behind.

I also plan to work on another idea I just had (it came to me in the middle of my last frantic spurt of NaNo) that has to do with Snow White.

What I'd like to do is somehow combine the two of those, but I'm not really sure how. If nothing else, I may end up doing two 2YNs, but one of them (the Snow White one) being unofficial.

I'm also planning on editing last year's NaNo.

I don't want to plan too much more, though, because I'm worried I'll get overwhelmed and not get any of it done. After all, last year's plans came to nothing.

RedFox Plans:

I want to revise/finish my Nano 2006 project and, if feasible, get it submitted to an agent.

I also have the germ of an idea for a sequel, which may end up as Nano 2007 if I'm not tied up working on the first one

BJSteeves Plans:

I have two novels started, and due to personal issues, these were in suspension for some time. My goals for 2007 is to finish at least one of them, hopefully both. Maybe I can do a vision article or three also.

Weird Jim Plans:

I hope to do far more writing on my gold rush novel. Most of what I did last year was research. I'll set no goals, though, as every time I do, something seems to step in my way.

cherrylmills Plans:

My plans involve doing my best to not get distracted by short stories. I have 3 novels to revise, two to finish drafting, and of course, plans for a couple more.

So my 2007 motto is "All novels, all the time."

Robboy Plans:

My hopes are to continue writing be it poetry, or prose. I hope and wish to be able to spend more time with my writing, and I pray for the day of a system about myself, so my writing won't be so haphazard.

Myrddin Plans:

have one goal next year: To finish this $%@#*%#& first draft. If all goes well, I'll finishing editing/rewriting/polishing too.

But I will finish. Oh, yes. I will. 

Now, to get busy... I still have 60k more words to write (around a kid, family, and job) before I start slaying my darlings.

Doable only if I get off my rear.

Blythe025 Plans:

Finish stuff. Write a lot of new words, too. But the main focus is to finish what I write.

Wolfsfury Plans:

My writing plan for 2007 says one thing.

Write 500 words a week. More is a bonus.

If I actually finish something that would be a greater bonus, but for now I am aiming at the writing itself.

Yappo Plans:

Start and finish editing of Frays in the Weave and start submitting it to agents.

Start and finish first draft of A Weave in Shreds.

Short stories on top of this plus the occasional poem would probably be hobby projects than something aimed at a pro market

Mwiseman Plans:

Goals for this year's NaNo novel:
Finish the draft
Edit/revise the draft
Rough outline of the rest of the series

Other goals:
Do an edit/rewrite on three screenplays
Submit revised screenplays
Edit/revise "Annunaki" and "True Tom", two short stories I've been working on
Possibly adapt "Annunaki" into a script for a short film
Outline first book in "Imago Dei", another series I've had bouncing in my brain
Write other stories and poems as ideas form
Submit at least one story a month (!!)
Do NaNo again

Yes, yes, I know--a very ambitious plan. But by god, I've determined that next year will be a seminal year for my writing, and I'd rather shoot high than shoot low.

EDIT TO ADD: Forgot to say that I'm thinking of signing up for Orson Scott Card's "Uncle Orson's Writing Boot Camp" next year. (O.o) He lives in Greensboro, which is like two hours from where I live. And it's fairly affordable, and only a week long. Pretty good bargain, compared to a lot of the "writing boot camps" that are out there. Plus I really love Scott Card's writing, he's one of my fave authors.

mistri Plans:

1) Brainstorm and outline a new book

2) Write said book - then edit, polish and begin to submit it.

3) In the meantime, also submit the novel that I finished editing this year, sending it to my list of agents, and then possibly publishers too.

3b) If there's time, begin outlining and writing a second book for the year.

4) I want to not stress too much about doing shorts on top of full-length books. Not everyone is a short story writer.

5) Ideally I'd grab myself an agent and book contract, but I'm going to focus on the novel writing.

den plans:

Well, I've got a story idea written on an envelope taped in a prominent place, and I intend to write it...I'm also going to be moving, so my plans for writing out a non-fiction day-by-day story of my life kinda' fell flat...

hoshikaze Plans:

Depends on how '06 finishes up. I'm doing FiMo with this years Nano novel, and I'm hoping to finish the draft before the year ends. I've got 85549 words so far between November and December, and I planned out the last 10 or so scenes to write to finish the draft.

Once its '07, I'm going to set my nano '06 draft aside and work on a novel I started a few years back in my fiction class. I may finish a complete draft of that before going back to my nano, or I might just work on that project for a set amount of time to get some distance from my nano so I can revise (maybe around March or April). My nano's the farthest I've ever gotten in a project, so I'm really looking forward to finishing this draft then revising to get a halfway decent 2nd draft.

infofreako Plans:

Finish some "in progress" pieces, edit the NaNo06 in a major way, take part in 2YN, and keep submitting my completed novel to publishers.

Kswope Plans:

Well, for one, I'm planning to take the 2YN class in 2007.

I'd like to take last year's NaNo and ... well, trash it and start all over again. Heh. I'm kind of hoping the lessons I learn from the class will help with that.

I want to get at least one thing finished and out the door, even if it's only a short story.

I plan to make myself write at least a little bit every day. I've been very bad about that.

And, of course, NaNo in November. Which should be interesting. Maybe I'll manage to come up with something worth writing.

Oh, and research for another project I've been wanting to work on.

Linda Jo Martin Plans:

The Scribe of Irohila - fourth revision, cover letter, and synopsis

River Girl - third revision

Ciara and the Fairies - third revision

The Seagull Rebellion - second revision

The O'Callaghans - finish first revision

Escape - first revision

The Alyssa Project - second revision

Far Out - first revision

NaNoWriMo 2007 - Fourth book in the Ancient Civilization Series

Alisel Plans:

For 2007 I'm hoping to do the 2YN, First Year.

I'd also like to write (almost) every day, in the order of 25,000 words a month.

I'll start out completing the first draft of my Nano 2005, Dawn.

After that I'll rewrite Halfsoul, my 2006 Nano.

Then there's preparing and writing the first 50,000 + words of Dreamwriter, my 2007 Nano. (I'm not going to finish it in 2007 though, it'll be around 120,000 words.)

I also hope to do a very rough draft of my children's book The Stone Altar.

sbarret Plans:

Well, like others here, I didn't quite meet my 2006 goals (have to go dig up that thread somewhere and update it! lol)

So my more moderate goals for 2007

1 - Submit "Face of the Enemy" to a publisher.

2 - Submit to the two glbt specfic anthologies coming out.

3 - Write another book.

#3 is a bit vague right now, because I have to decide what book to write next. #1 needs a sequel. But I also have an existing novel that could be edited and submitted (less writing, more editing) and yet THAT one needs a sequel too.

Maybe my 2007 goal should be to write one-off books that don't need sequels!

Mirinae Plans:

I want to stay focused on one idea for more than a week. I've got all these ideas, but they're not meshing together -- they all want/need to be separate stories -- and I need to just pick one and stick with it

schweinsty Plans:

1.Finish my six unfinished short stories during the January part of holiday break.

2. Write a short every week and send it out, along with the ones in my slush pile.

3.Finish my novelettes and screenplay this year.

4. Up my daily writing from 500 to 1000 words/day.

5. Completely outline the three novels I've got floating in my head, and start writing at least one of them.

With any luck, I can do all that, find a job, and maintain a 4.0 GPA

WOO Plans:

Finish Fortune's Fool, Part 2 and get it out to beta readers.

Finish Mara's Search and get it out to beta readers.

Do more querying for Fortune's Fool, Part 1, tentatively retitiled as Witness to Treason.

Finish Rising Star.

Work on California Dreamin'

Hana Standish Plans:

1) I plan on taking part in 2YN 2007/2008 to start with.

2) I want to finish something (anything) that has publishing potential.

3) Finish worldbuilding and outline something in my "Maccon" universe so I can start writing it.

4) Write regularly -- 3500 words + per week.

5) Start writing short stories rather than worldbuilding for novels (see #2)   

f.silvi Plans:

1 - edit my NaNo 2006
2 - start 2YN
3 - write daily
4 - learn as much as I can about writing and publishing

I have a couple of ideas kicking around and one that I just started. These will keep me busy for a while.

 GeorgieB Plans:

I plan to finish "The Jade Earrings", a novel that I thought I had finished for the 2006 NaNo. When I re-read the story, a couple of plot holes were apparent, so I've got to fix those, and in the process of doing that add a couple of chapters and scenes.

I also am enrolled in the 2YN starting next month and plan to use that to work on a possible sequel to Jade Earrings.

I'll also finish the second part of a two-part article for a writing group (not-web based) that I belong to.

Artiste Plans:

2007? Already. I never seem to meet my goals but maybe this year I'll hit my stride.

-Finish PDAS 1st draft
-Get halfway through Jane
-Submit a short story
-Not procrastinate by spending time on the boards and playing spider solitaire

That's a lot for me

JoshWatermanMN Plans:

Concentrate more on my writing and stick with it, for one thing.

I should finish my WIP, "Heritage," a 100K word horror novel sometime early in the year.

I hope to start up my next novel after that, It is all outlined and everything, just need to put flesh on the bones.

I want to do a few short stories this year. Again, outlined, just need to be actually written.

I am hoping I am accepted to participate in Zette's 2YN workshop.

I was going to add a few other things, but now that I see them in type on my computer screen, I see I have PLENTY to keep me occupied. Not sure I can finish them all, but reach for the stars, and all of that . . .