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Forward Motion for Writers has many published authors as members.  Here are just a few of the currently available materials that they have had published!

Lazette Gifford

Farstep Station

Farstep Station sits on the distant edge of human expansion into space. Although meant to be the stepping stone to further exploration, the station remained understaffed and nearly abandoned for the duration of a long war between the rebels and the fledgling Inner Worlds Council. 

From Yard Dog Press!


Book two of the Two-Year Novel Course is now available Here






Holly Lisle

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In a world where technology is magic, and war is the only way of life, Talyn is a soldier, one of thousands trained from childhood to protect her country from the monarchist Eastil. Soon, Talyn's honor will be challenged.




Non-technical and easy to use, Holly's method will give you a usable beginning culture in about five hours, which you can expand as you work on the book, building only what you need and when you need it.

Buy it here


Tamara Siler Jones

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Valley of the Soul

Detective Dubric Byerly returns in the third and final installment of this medieval fantasy-meets-thrilling mystery, genre-bending series from the author of "Ghosts in the Snow" and "Threads of Malice."




C.E. Murphy

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Thunderbird Falls

In this follow-up to "Urban Shaman," Joanne Walker hasn't learned much about her shamanic abilities. But when she accidentally unleashes demons on Seattle, Joanne realizes she should have learned more about controlling her powers.




Wen Spencer

Product Cover

Wolf Who Rules

The popular novel "Tinker" introduced the inventor-heroine of the same name, who lives in a near-future Pittsburgh, which shares an interdimensional border with the land of the elves. In this sequel, the elven noble whose destiny is intertwined with Tinker, finds himself besieged from all sides.



Lynn Viehl

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Dark Need

Homicide detective Samantha Brown is a tough, highly decorated cop. But twelve lonely years after she nearly died of a gunshot wound, she aches with a deep inner longing. In pursuit of a deranged killer, her only clue is a medieval cross inscribed "Lucan"-the name of the owner of a new nightclub near the murder scene. Drawn into a seamy underworld, Samantha falls for Lucan-who believes he's a vampire and Samantha is his reincarnated first love.


The Other Side of the Door by Cheryl Mills (Site Member cherylmills) appears in the Chicken Soup for the Soul volume: Life Lessons for Busy Moms: Essential Ingredients to Organize and Balance Your World. Buy Here


Richard S. Crawford (Site Member rscrawford)'s Indications, a podcasted short story, is now available from Pseudopod.


Site Member David Bridger's poem log rhythm will appear in Wanderings Magazine.


Cheryl Peugh (Site Member cherylp) has a short story, The Sun or the Moon, appearing in #8 Volumes 3 and 4 of Prism Quarterly.


Shana Norris (Site Member shana) has sold her first novel, a young adult book called Libby Fawcett's Secret Blog, to Amulet (Harry Abrams) in a two book deal.


Kristen Howe (Site Member angelscribe) has been very busy and reports successes with both poetry and articles:


Winter Sunrise appears in the November issue of Ceremony.

Mandolin is now up online at Wanderings Here.

Make Me Over will appear in the February 2007 issue of Remark.

Bird Migration, a tanka, appears in the autumn 2006 issue of Ribbons

Sunset Morn will appear in the April 2007 issue of The Oak.

Sounds of Silence, originally published in Down in the Dirt in April 2006, will be included in the Scars TV Distinguished Writings anthology.

Apricot Fizzle appears in the Mid-America Poetry Review Fall 2006, 5th issue.

Christmas Angel appears in the December 2006 issue of Silver Wings.

Twilit Sparks appears in Redbridge Review Here

Duties for All Angels appears on the Victory News site, Here.

Arizona in Winter: Grand Canyon appears on the Associated Content site: Here

How to Hike the Grand Canyon Safely In the Winter appears on the Associated Content site: Here