Lazette Gifford
Publisher & Editor

About This Issue

Issue # 37

January/February 2007

With this issue, Vision begins the seventh year of production.  We're starting out strong with several interesting articles covering everything from outlining to the use of poisons in writing fiction.  Our interview this month ends with a question that only you can answer!

We have several more interviews lined up, and I can already see this is going to be an interesting year of articles.

Once again, I'd like to thank Margaret McGaffey Fisk and Ellen Wright for their invaluable help in getting these issues put together and edited.  Thank you, also, to all the writers who have sent articles for Vision and shared what they've learned with other writers who might be looking for just the answers they have found.

So, welcome to another year filled with workshops, interviews, and articles on all aspects of writing.   I hope you continue to find articles that help make writing a little more interesting and fun for you.  And I hope, as always, that you'll consider offering a few tips of your own.