Writing Exercise:

Cover Blurb

Starting with this issue Vision will present a short exercise for writers!

For the first one, imagine that you have your book in your hand: lovely cover, nice title, and your name.  However, there's that blank spot at the top or to the right where the publisher wants a blurb of fifteen words or less that will catch the attention of the reader.  What would you write for one of your own works?  Oh, and short story writers, you can play along as well!  Just pretend that your story is the one that gets the cover blurb in an anthology!

Here are some examples:

Having the attention of the gods is not always a blessing.... (11 Words) Aubreyan, Book 1 The Dark Staff Series

A desert world facing drought; a people pushed beyond endurance; one woman holding the line. (15 Words) Badlands

Tony Battista wants to stay out of trouble. Unfortunately, he's come to the wrong place. (15 words) The Good People of Coralville

Now it's your turn! Write up to three cover blurbs for your own work.  If you would like to email them to me, I'll put some in the next issue of Vision.  Be sure to tell me the name you want on the listing.

Email to: zette@cableone.net (Please note that the Subject is Exercise1.)