New on the shelves!

As a writing community, we are always pleased to announce publications by site members.  Check out the Forward Motion Bookstore as well!


Midnight Rain -- Final Production CoverMidnight Rain
By Holly Lisle

is available at your local bookstore


Ghosts in the Snow

by Tamara Siler Jones

is available at your local bookstore.

Dog Warrior

by Wen Spencer

is available at your local bookstore.

Lazette Gifford's

Without A Fear of Words

Now Available at Double Dragon Ebooks


Lazette sold her second chapbook collection to Yard Dog Press.  Star Bound will be out sometime in 2005. She also signed a contract for two books with Aio.

Catie (site member cemurphy) sold two books to Harlequin's new action-adventure romance line, Bombshell! The first book will be out in late 2005 and the second in spring 2006. They will appear under the pen name Cate Dermody.

Justin Stanchfield has two short story available:

Murray's Wake appeared in the November/December 2004 issue of Shadowed Realms

Across the Gulf of Stars appeared in the December 2004 issue of The Fifth Di....

Andrea Wyatt's poem Founding Fathers: Burroughs appeared in Hanging Loose #85

Site member Gisele L.'s poem, The Cat Burglar will be appearing in the March issue of KidVisions