Vision: A Resource for Writers
November/December 2004
Issue # 24

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Editor's Note:
Life Changes from Year to Year

How Much Do You Want What You Want?
An Interview with Holly Lisle

By Lazette Gifford

Creating Conflict
By Holly Lisle


How Hurricanes Toyed with My Writing
By Lisa A. Wroble

Best Thing Since the Rock and Chisel
By Danielle Drees

Camera, Action, Prompt!
By Gail Kavanagh

To Write or Not to Write
By Margaret McGaffey Fis

Global Mapping the Non-Tech Way
By Valerie Comer

A Toy for the Spatially Confused Writer
By Jon Chaisson

Why Do You Write that Crap?
By Carter Nipper

Using Natural Laws to Achieve Success
By Leah Tribolo

If I Knew Then....
By Jayda McTyson

Developing a Thick Skin
By Betty L. Meshack

Forming a Bond with Your Readers
By G. B. Banks

Creatures 101: Part 3
By Marilyn Glazar

Creatures 101: Part 4
By Marilyn Glazar

Why NaNo?
By Rachel Kaufman

Soft Spots in Steel Armor
By Lorianne N. Watts

Writing Hopes and Plans for 2005
By The People of Forward Motion


Book Review:
Eats, Shoots & Leaves:  The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation
Reviewed by Jean A. Schara

Website Review:
Too Much Fun: A Review of Patricia C. Wrede's World Building Questions
By Meryl Anne Ferguson

Market Review:
Mar's Market Report #6
By Margaret McGaffey Fis

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