Vision: A Resource for Writers
Lazette Gifford, Editor

Editor's Note

Life Changes from Year to Year

By Lazette Gifford
2004, Lazette Gifford

I'm less than 24 hours from the start of NaNoWriMo for this year.  I think I have everything done, and I'm ready to run with it.  I love NaNo.  It's just fun.

Last year at this time I had been worried about my recent take-over of the Forward Motion site.  I glad to say that the work there has gone far better than I ever could have hoped.  With very few exceptions, the members have respected the people and understand that they're there because they want to learn more about writing, or just share the experience of writing with others.  We've had a wonderful year.

So I'm not worried about Forward Motion now.

Nor am I worried about Vision: A Resource for Writers. The ezine is about to start its fifth year in production.  We've published about 300 articles in the last four years, and won a lot of notice.  Vision is going extraordinarily well, even with some few glitches in our first year as a paying market.

So I had to come up with something else to fret over, right?

I am now an Associate Publisher for Double Dragon Publications, and in charge of the new Dragon Tooth Fantasy Ebook imprint.  I am fully in charge of finding material and taking it from slush pile to publication.

Life changes from year to year.  Many people are content to go into each year with the feeling that they're settled in their place, and that they need not worry over changes.  I'm not one of those people. While my outward lifestyle changes little, I'm always looking for something new and exciting to do.  Now some people wouldn't find running Forward Motion, being the editor for Vision and being the Associate Publisher for Dragon Tooth as very interesting.  It looks like work, after all.

They are work -- all three of them require a good amount of time to keep things moving with as few problems as possible.  All three require working with authors, and often new ones.  It's wonderful to see people making great strides in their writing, and I love the work.  I look forward to 2005!

It's a great feeling to realize that you've helped people -- not just your friends or the people you think are worthy of it, but helping anyone who happens along at Forward Motion.  I've taken that same attitude into Dragon Tooth where I intend, whenever possible, to give reasons for rejections, not just a 'didn't work' notice.

Yes, it will be more work for me -- but it might help someone else in their future work.  It might not.  The person may resent it.  That isn't a good reason to stop helping them.

And that, people, is what I do to the best of my abilities.  I help keep Forward Motion running and offer advice when I can.  I edit and produce Vision -- and pay for the articles myself -- to give more people ideas and answers.  I will adapt that attitude to Dragon Tooth Fantasy Ebooks as well.  What I offer won't always be help, but I won't fail for not having tried.

I know people who often volunteer at shelters and food pantries, and in general helping people with their physical needs.  I believe that helping them with their dreams can be just as important, and can make a difference in their lives. 

So few people understand what it is like to want to write and have no one who encourages them, let alone offers them help to improve their skills.

And my writing?

Oh yes.  You might think that my writing suffered (at least in word count) for having this kind of work to do.  It hasn't.  I'm looking at the third year in a row where I will have written over one million new words.  I've done far more editing of my own material this year than I have in the past.  I've also sold more material this year than I did last year, so that's picking up again as well.

And I'm having a wonderful time.

We're almost to 2005.  Good luck to the rest of you! And if you have questions... well, you can always ask me.  I may not know the answers, but I'm willing to help when I can.