Vision: A Resource for Writers
Lazette Gifford, Editor

About This Issue

Issue# 24
November/December 2004

Welcome to the last issue of 2004.  It doesn't seem that long ago that I welcomed everyone to the first issue of the year!

We've now published twenty-four issues of Vision.  It's a delight to work with this ezine, and I've enjoyed reading the articles each time.  There are many different ways in which writers work, and it's wonderful to see them share their knowledge with others.  I hope that all of you will consider submitting work to Vision in the future.  Every writer has something to offer.

We have survived our first year as a paying market, as well.  We hit a couple computer-related glitches there, and I hope that year two goes far better -- but we did it.  Having made it through the first year, the next one should be easier.  (And isn't that something writers tell themselves all the time?)

I hope you enjoy this issue.  We have a lot of very nice articles on toys for writers, and a few articles to help you into the next year.  I hope you have enjoyed this year of Vision.  We'll be starting our fifth year in January.  May it be a good year for all of you!

In 2005 we will focus again on genres in writing.  I would like to see articles on how to approach any aspect relating to the genres below:




Historical Fiction








Science Fiction


Suspense & Mystery


Young Adult & Children

As always, I'm also looking for any articles related to writing, including the technical side and the whimsical aspects of the work.  We pay one half cent per word.

Also, be sure to check out Vision's Weblog and let us know what you think of this issue!