Vision: A Resource for Writers
Lazette Gifford, Editor

Issue # 23,
Sept./Oct. 2004

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Editor's Note:
Waiting for Ghosts:
An Interview with
Tamara Siler Jones

Talk to Your Characters
Hunting Your Agent
By Leah Tribolo
How to Start Marketing your Book
By Marilyn Peake
Nonfiction Idea to Publication
By Robert Billing
The Lure of Bad Publishers
By Mary K. Wilson
Starting Out:
A Guide for Young Writers

By Victoria Hastings
Creature Building 101:
Part 1

By Marilyn Glazar
Creature Building 101:
Part 2

By Marilyn Glazar
Special NaNoWriMo Preparation Section:
How to Go Crazy Once a Year
By Lazette Gifford
Your Outline Is Your Friend
By Darwin A. Garrison
Writing with a Road Map
By Valerie Comer
Examining Film's Two-Goal Plotting
By M.V. Shawning
I Hate Outlining. 
Do You?

By Jean A. Schara
Book Review:
Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook
Reviewed by Andi Ward
Website Review:
The Encyclopedia Mythica
Reviewed by Ann Kuykendall
Market Review:
Mar's Market Report #5
By Margaret Fisk
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