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Lazette Gifford, Editor

Editor's Note:

by Lazette Gifford
2004, Lazette Gifford

My favorite season is autumn, with the often cool, damp afternoons that are just made for sitting down at a computer and writing tales of mystery and wonder.  I think I create my best stories on days like these, watching the leaves fall and waiting for the first snow.

However, autumn is also a sign of how the year is nearly past.  There are only months left to 2004! 

I have now been officially in charge of Forward Motion for an entire year, and it's been an interesting, rewarding and educational experience for me.  I love working there, but I've started to learn how to step away from the site and get needed work done on other material again.  Sometimes a person has to let go and trust that as long as no one is going to die it's all right for things to be a little late, or have a little less constant care.

And that brings me back to autumn and writing.  I am, like everyone who reads and writes for Vision, involved in writing.  I've made it my vocation and my obsession, but for the first few months of this year I let it take a back seat to other aspects of my life.  But autumn has arrived, my favorite writing season, and I've found myself eagerly pulling up stories to finish and joyfully leaping into new challenges.  My husband says that I'm in a much better mood.  Even the cats appear to be happier.

So my note to all of you this time has only one true message:  Don't forget to enjoy writing.  Sit back on a cool, autumn evening (if you have such things where you live) and tell the tales that you love, even if you only write them for yourself.  Your life will be richer for it.

And you might even make your cats happier.