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Lazette Gifford, Editor

Good News from Forward Motion

Justin Stanchfield's story, A Dragon For Lord Marquand, is appearing in the newest issue of Cricket!  He's even sharing the Table of Contents with Mark Twain.

Wen Spencer's Tinker won the 2003 Sapphire Award from  SF Romance Online.

Margaret Fisk's From the Ashes won second prize in the Parsec Short Story Contest and may be included in an upcoming anthology.

Site member Stephjr's story The Elements of Warfare is available at The Rose & Thorn.

Site member Snitchcat (Lia) is one of the contributing authors to The  Fantasy Writer's Companion is the second volume to The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy.

Site member SisterCoyote's poem Phoenix will be appearing in an upcoming issue of Astropoetica.

Lazette Gifford's If You Dream of Forests Green will appear in the Fables summer issue, available in late June or early July.

Gods Old and Dark -- Cover Art Holly Lisle's Gods Old and Dark, the third and concluding volume of the Worlds Gate series, is available at your local bookstore now.