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Issue # 21,
March/April 2004

Editor's Note:
Writing Lengths
About this issue
Leading us to Sanctuary:
An Interview with

Lynn Abbey
Almost Random Events
Theme Articles:
Setting Wise Goalposts
By Darwin A. Garrison
Catching the Cat's Tale
By Karen Eck
Diary of a Non Short Story Writer
By Valerie Comer
From First to Final:
Steps for Honing Your
Short Story

By Margaret McGaffey Fisk
Conquering the Short Story
By D.M. Bonanno
Advantages of Short Story Writing
By Leigha Dickens
The Short Story: 
Science Fiction's Lifeblood

By Cheryl Peugh
The Delicacy of Short Stories
By Lazette Gifford
Advanced Writing:
By Leah Tribolo
Finding Ta Taglegebol
By Steven Swain
Getting (Think) Tanked
By Jon Chaisson
Research and Worldbuilding
for Those Who Hate Libraries

By Betty L. Meshack
Book Review:
The Well-Fed Writer
Reviewed by Joshua Johnston
Website Review:
Websites for Christian Writers of Genre Fiction
By Valerie Come
Market Review:
Mar's Market Report
# 3

Margaret McGaffey Fisk
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