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Lazette Gifford, Editor

How to Join Forward Motion


Writers are always welcome at Forward Motion, no matter what their level of experience.  It doesn't matter if you are looking for answers to writing related problems, or just looking for a place where you can talk about WIPs and POVs with people who have a clue what it all means.

Holly Lisle created The Forward Motion Community as a place where she could stay in touch with readers, and to help others who shared her obsession find their way to living their dreams. The site has always been geared toward people who are serious about writing.  We are very strict about copyright, and that means no fanfic can be posted, and we do not suggest vanity or self-publishing.  Forward Motion's prime goal is to help people find their way to paying publication.  Others who are only interested in improving their writing without seeking out publication are welcome as well, as long as they understand the core purpose of the site.

To participate in the public boards , all you have to do is read and post to them. If you register with the community, you gain access to several features, and can participate in critiquing, writing exercises, dares, and challenges. You will have to be logged in to gain access to the private boards.

Anyone may join the community. Simple click this link: and fill out an application. Membership is free and approval is automatic.

If you are interested in writing and in hanging around with other writers who are also serious about their work (though, well, not too serious), check the site out.