Vision: A Resource for Writers
Lazette Gifford, Editor

About This Issue

May/June 2004
Issue # 21
Theme: Writing Shorter Fiction

Welcome to Issue # 21!

For most writers the creation of short stories is either a gift or something unfathomable.  In this issue you get to glimpse into the making of short stories and how writers approach them.

We also have a wonderful interview from writer Lynn Abbey, and some great articles outside the theme.

As we near the middle of the year, I hope that you have found Vision helpful in meeting your personal goals for the year, and that we've provided you with help and inspiration.  Here's hoping that the second half of 2004 goes well for all of us!

Upcoming Themes for Vision in 2004: 

July/August -- The Fine Points of Critiquing 
(June 10 deadline) 

September/October -- Essentials of Marketing 
(August 10 deadline) 

November/December -- Toys for Writers
(October 10 deadline)


Upcoming Events at Forward Motion:

Back to School for Busy Writers features a class on building primitive shelters.

May Challenge -- It's the dreaded Story-a-day challenge! Are you brave enough (or crazy enough) to write as many as five short stories a week?  They need only be at least 500 words, and we do take the weekends off!

Come and join us for this fun and insanity -- and much more!