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Web Review:

The World Heritage Tour Site

by Maria Gianakos
Maria Gianakos


This site requires a fast connection and a powerful computer, but if you have both you can visit historical sites from around the world in a way that is almost breathtaking.  This is an exceptional site for historical writers, or writers who just want to get the feel of something different for their own stories, even if they are not based in history.  There are also some breathtaking natural heritage sites included, as well as historical ones.

According to the site, the object of the organization is:

Production of virtual reality movies for all sites registered as World Heritage by the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

Dissemination of these virtual reality movies for documentation and promotion of the World Heritage.

Using multimedia techniques in an edutainment mode to raise awareness on the preservation of the World Heritage.

Promoting the notion of sustainable tourism in the head of local administration, tourists and travellers. 

What this means is that you can visit several historical sites (and they add more as often as possible) that are set up in such a way that using the mouse, you can turn around within the view and look at it from several angles as well as zoom out and in.

What is the view from Hatshepsut's temple in Egypt?  You can come in at three different locations, one of them looking at the long, impressive wall of columns and square openings -- but turn around.  You can see what lies behind you.

Or perhaps you'd like to see a couple rooms from the tomb of Rameses IV in the Valley of the Kings.  The paintings on the wall are lovely... but don't forget to look up...

Would you rather visit the Great Wall of China and look out over the land, or study the tombs of the Ming Dynasty?

This is a site worth visiting again and again, especially as new sites are added.  While most of the work so far is in the Near and Far East, they have started to include a few more pieces from the west and will continue to include more.

Stop by and check it out.  There is inspiration in every sight, and for those of us who have very little hope of ever really going to these places, it's a joy to find a place that is almost like being there.

One of my favorite locations at the site is here:

This is one of their natural views rather than historical.  Turn to the right...

Have a lovely visit, wherever you choose to go.