Vision: A Resource for Writers
Lazette Gifford, Editor

About This Issue

March/April 2004
Issue # 20
Theme: Writing Novels

Welcome to Issue # 20!

Spring is just around the corner for those of us in the northern hemisphere.  For many, the coming of spring brings a renewed interest in many things, including writing.  If you are considering working on a novel, here is help, inspiration, and understanding of the difficulties.

And once again, I would like to invite any of you to submit nonfiction writing-related articles to Vision.   Tell us about your writing experiences, and remember that many people have had their first publications with Vision.  If you have something that you think might help another writer, then give writing a short article a try. 

Upcoming Themes for Vision in 2004: 

May/June -- Writing Shorter Fiction  (April 10 deadline) 

July/August -- The Fine Points of Critiquing (June 10 deadline) 

September/October -- Essentials of Marketing  (August 10 deadline) 

November/December -- Toys for Writers (October 10 deadline)


Upcoming Events at Forward Motion:

Back to School for Busy Writers features a class on Giftedness and another on Television's Cultural Icons.

March Challenge -- Write, Edit and Submit a story written for someone 13 years or Younger

Out Like A Lion March Madness -- One week to write from 10,000 to 40,000 or more words!

April Challenge -- The return of the popular Haiku Challenge!

The Dvorak Challenge -- Are you considering changing from Qwerty to Dvorak?

On April 1 we will start the second two month dare of the year.  The dares cover new material and rewrites, novels, short stories, poetry, articles, and much more!  Join in the fun!

Come and join us in the fun and insanity!

I hope you enjoy the issue!