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Market Listing
Mar's Market Report # 2

by Margaret McGaffey Fisk
2004, Magaret McGaffey Fisk

In 2003, Vision published an article of mine about submitting fiction manuscripts. Included in the article, I suggested culling publication announcements for possible markets, especially those friendly to previously unpublished writers.

When the Forward Motion December 2003 Market challenge began, I realized I needed to take my own advice.  The markets presented in this column were found in various "woo hoo" lists.  Though many of the markets also appear on reputable sites, such as, by finding them in the publication announcement reports, I have concrete knowledge they are open to new and/or unpublished authors.

While many of these markets don't offer "pro" rates, they all provide some compensation.  In my opinion, offering payment is an indication of the editor/publisher's commitment and so markets with some compensation are more likely to stay around. 



 Hard Science Fiction/Science Articles

Title  Artemis Magazine
Editor  Ian Randal Strock, Editor

 1380 East 17 Street
 Suite 201
 Brooklyn, NY 11230-6011 USA

Sub Email  None
Specifics      Looking for near-term, near-Earth, hard science fiction and non-fiction science articles focused on space travel and lunar development.
Requirement      Short stories up to 15,000 words but shorter is better. Articles up to 5000 words.
Payment  3-5 cents per word
URL for site 
URL for guidelines


Genre  Fantasy and SF
Title  Fantastic Stories of the Imagination

 Ed McFadden


 PO Box 329
 Brightwaters NY 11718-0329

Sub Email  None
Specifics      Overbooked and closed to new submissions until 2005. Looking for well written, entertaining stories with SF/F elements, though genre mixing acceptable.
Requirement      2000-15,000 with average of 4000-5000.
Payment  1-5 cents per word
URL for site
URL for guidelines




Title  FutureShocks
Editor  Rob Young

 Email submits only

Sub Email (subject must contain "submission")
Specifics      Looking for character-driven, strongly plotted stories and some non-fiction articles on select subjects.
Requirement  1000-10,000 words.
Payment      1-3 cents a word up to 5000 and 1/2 cents for any more up to 10,000.
URL for site
URL for guidelines



 SF/Dark Fantasy/Horror

Title  Far Sector SFFH
Editor  John T. Cullen, publisher


Sub Email
Specifics      Looking for SF, dark fantasy and horror with strong story telling. Willing to extend to other genres for good stories
Requirement      Open to any length but prefers 4000-6000.
Payment      $10 advance + royalties from fictionwise sales.
URL for site
URL for guidelines



 Dark Fiction (Fantasy/Horror)

Title  Blood Rose
Editor  Mark W. Worthen, Editor
Address  Blood Rose Ezine
 P. O. Box 105501
 Jefferson City, MO 65110
Sub Email (preferred)
Specifics      Looking for dark fiction with a supernatural element, horror and dark fantasy mainly but will take some dark SF.
Requirement      1500 to 8000 words. Query if longer.
Payment      $20 per story (one lead story 3 cents per word up to 3000).
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