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Issue # 55
January/February 2010

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From the Editor

Inkygirl Comic

Questions for Authors
By Lazette Gifford

A Year of World Building
and Conflict/ Part One
By Lazette Gifford

Mar's Market Report
Shoot for the Top Markets
By Margaret McGaffey Fisk

Writing 101:
Part 4: Submitting a Novel
By Valerie Comer

Advice for Young Writers
This Year I Will...
By Elizabeth Chayne

Intent, Hard Work, Common Ground...and Forward Motion
By Holly Lisle

Writing a Fantastical Query
By Steff Green

Critiquing Omniscient Viewpoint
Linda Adams

13 Ways in Which Editing a Story Is Like
Grooming a New Beard
By David Bridger

How To Make Money Selling
Your Recipes
By Suzan L. Wiener

Book Trailer Love
By Lisa Lawler

A Sense of Place
By Susan Petroulas

Web Review
Kaye Dacus -- Writing Series
Reviewed by Valerie Comer

Book Review
Book Review link
Reviewed by Valerie Comer

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There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written, or badly written. That is all.
-- Oscar Wilde