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Lazette Gifford,
Margaret McGaffey Fisk,
Assistant Editor

Issue # 55
January/February 2010

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Editor's Note:
Welcome to Year Ten

By Lazette Gifford

Copyright © 2010, Lazette Gifford, All Rights Reserved

When I first went to Holly Lisle with the idea for Vision: A Resource for Writers, I thought maybe I was a little crazy and she would point it out to me. Instead, she leapt into the fray with equal enthusiasm and we very quickly got the ezine together and the first issue out by January 1, 2001.

I had not, I admit, thought of this in the long term. The idea of years never occurred to me at all. But now, with nine full years behind me -- fifty-four issues and somewhere around five hundred articles published -- I am amazed to find myself in this position. Most ezines of any sort do not last this long. Vision, which has had the great good fortune of support by people who want to help other writers, has managed to press through and we have not missed an issue yet.

It was long past time that the ezine had its own site. So here we are at I think it will be a good new location, and a little more professional. The html has been stripped and redone and will continue to undergo changes over the next year. We also hope to improve the back issue's section and perhaps add a few more frills. While Vision does not (yet) have a Twitter account, you can find out all the latest by following my Tweets, which include Vision and Forward Motion for Writers information:

I looked back at my first editor's note, and it still rings true for me:

Those who write are the true people of vision. They see fantastic, exotic places in their minds, and they hear the voices of people who do not speak to anyone else. Unfortunately, writers always fail to transform the clarity of that vision into their stories. Words will forever fall short of capturing what a writer sees in the mind's eye; but it is the degree of failure that marks the read from the unread, and the published from the unpublished.
Welcome to year ten. I hope that we can share many more to come.

There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written, or badly written. That is all.
-- Oscar Wilde