Issue # 9: 5/01/02
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The Edge

Managing Editor's Note
How did I ever get here?

Holly's Workshop

One Pass Manuscript Revision

Diana Gill 

Autumn Leaves
By Jennifer Shafer

True Writing is Rewriting
By Beth Shope

Reading is Fundamental
By Valerie Serdy

Confessions of a Blunt Critiquer
By Andi Ward

Giving and Receiving Critiques
By David Stone

Revision and Submission
By Heidi Elizabeth Smith

You Mean Somebody Likes It?
By Krista Heiser

The Good, the bad and the Icky: Proposals That Sell/Don't Sell Your Novel
By S. L. Viehl

Revisions, Part 1 : Color My Revisions
By Carol Stephenson

It's a Small World: A Discussion on Agents and SF&F Publishers
By Wen Spencer

Springtime For Writers
By Jeri-Tallee Dawson

Wither Wander You?
By Lazette Gifford

Introduction to Horror Part 3: Setting in Horror 

by Teresa Hopper

Mystery & Suspense:
Mysteries: Rules of the Genre
By Kay House

Anglo-Saxon Alliterative Epics? 

By Sally Catlin

Characters Romance Readers Love #1: We Need A Hero!
By Gena Hale

Science Fiction: 
The Edge of Thought
By Bob Billing

YA & Children: 
Writing Tight
Justin Stanchfield

Young Writers: 
Using School to Enhance Your Writing Career
By Julia Pass

Web Review:
Making the Connection
Reviewed by J. Harlowe

Book Review:
Good Bones and Simple Murders
By Margaret Atwood

Reviewed by Jim Francis

Meet the Moderators:
Carol Stephenson,
Romance Moderator

Forward Motion:
So Much More Than Free Classes
By Bethany Davis

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Expanded, and includes list of upcoming themes

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