Lazette Gifford
Publisher & Editor


About This Issue

Issue # 36

November/December 2006

This is the last issue of the 2006 run of Vision: A Resource for Writers.  It's a great issue, filled with a plethora of different  articles, and advice that might be just what you're looking for to move your writing forward.

Vision is a magazine for working writers by working writers. That doesn't mean that I'm only interested in seeing work from those who have been published by the big companies.  In fact, people who are still finding their way to their first publications have often found paths that those who are already published have forgotten.  You may have found out something about writing that can help someone else, so don't be afraid to write an article and submit it.  Anything that is writing-related is helpful.

I'll need another seventy to eighty articles next year.  Yours may be just the one I need.

I look forward to hearing from you.