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Market Report 

Mar's Market Report #17

By Margaret McGaffey Fisk
2006, Margaret McGaffey Fisk

Publication announcements from members of online writing communities are valuable resources for writers at the beginning of their careers. Though the communities may contain members at many levels of publication, overall, markets listed in these announcements tend to be open to new writers.

All the markets presented in this column came from a publication announcement. I receive announcements from various sources including Vision; The Critter's Workshop; Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror; and the SF and Fantasy Workshop. These announcements are all available online. They list markets at varying levels of payment or reputation, so if you use these resources, be careful to research the market yourself before submitting. Even the list below should be used as a signpost rather than a definitive answer about any market because situations do change. Reputable sites such as are good places to get the latest news. Ralan's and Quintamid Market Database have been known to have information not yet listed on the publisher website. However, always check the publisher's guidelines as well.

While not all the markets that appear in this column offer "pro" rates, they all provide some compensation.  In my opinion, offering payment is an indication of the editor/publisher's commitment. In many cases, markets with some compensation are more likely to stay around because they have considered the economics of running a publication.

Genre Children's Literature
Title Spider
Editor Marianne Carus, Editor-in-Chief
Alice Letvin, Editorial Director
Address Submissions Editor
Carus Publishing
315 Fifth Street
Peru, IL 61354
Sub Email None
Specifics Looking for fiction, non-fiction, and poetry in a wide variety of genres including realistic, fantasy, and science fiction for fiction submissions and nature, science, and history for non-fiction submissions. The magazine audience is children between six and nine. This is not a themed magazine.
Requirement Stories must be between 300 and 1000 words, poems no more than 20 lines, and articles between 300 and 800 words.
Payment Stories and articles up to $0.25 (25 cents) per word and poems up to $3 per line.
URL for site
URL for guidelines


Genre Contemporary Science Fiction
Title Futuristic
Editor Christopher East, Fiction Editor
Jeremy Lyon, Publisher
Address None
Sub Email
(at bottom of submissions page)
Specifics Looking for compelling contemporary science fiction that explores the impact of contemporary issues or what is coming in the near future, such as cultural, technological, social, and scientific changes.
Requirement Up to 15,000 words
Payment $200 per story
URL for site
URL for guidelines


Genre Fantasy
Title Fantasy Magazine
Editor Sean Wallace, Editor
Address None
Sub Email
Specifics Looking for any form of fantasy that offers entertainment to the intelligent genre reader, including high, urban, contemporary, magic realism, science fantasy, folktales, and surrealism.
Requirement Between 1,000 and 8,000 words, but under 6,000 is preferred.
Payment Between $0.02 (2 cents) and $0.05 (5 cents) per word on a sliding scale
URL for site
URL for guidelines


Genre Dark Poetry
Title Spiderwords
Editor Rain Graves
Address None
Sub Email
Specifics Looking for all types of dark (really dark) poetry.
Requirement Up to 5 poems.
Payment $5 per poem and $50 for 5 poems if selected as the featured poet. All payments by PayPal.
URL for site
URL for guidelines


Genre Humorous Horror
Title Dark Jesters
Editor Nick Cato
Address Novello Publishers
PO Box 060382
Staten Island, NY 10306
Sub Email
Specifics Looking for any horror stories that are also funny. No porn, profanity, or sacrilegious material wanted. Currently closed to submissions.
Requirement Nothing longer than 1500 words
Payment $10 per story
URL for site
URL for guidelines