Lazette Gifford
Publisher & Editor


Issue # 35
September/October 2006

About This Issue


This issue is a clear sign of how diverse writers are.  We have an unusual, and enlightening, selection of articles this issue, including an interview with talented children's author Susan Taylor Brown, an article by Holly Lisle on delving into deeper emotions, and an article by J. Harlowe on writing historical nonfiction articles for local papers.  We also have a small NaNo section for those who might be considering joining the November Madness!

I hope you enjoy the variety of material here, and find many tidbits that will help you through your writing.

If you have something you've learned about writing, consider sharing it with Vision's readers.  New writers and pros are both welcome to submit.  Articles that help writers, whether about the act of writing, research, or technology, can all offer benefit to someone who hasn't stumbled upon something you found helpful.  Writers are not only diverse, they are rarely officially taught the art of writing for publication, and even when they are, it is from the perspective of a single person or group. Sometimes, adding more pieces to the tools can help a writer find the individual path that suits him.

That's why there are publications like Vision: A Resource for Writers.

I hope you enjoy what you read and find the help that you need.

The deadline for the next issue is October 10th.  I look forward to seeing your articles.