Lazette Gifford
Publisher & Editor


Editor's Note:

By Lazette Gifford
Lazette Gifford

Summer is closing down and migrating toward the southern hemisphere.  It was a hot one this year, and I gladly hid out in my house with my cats, working on various writing and art projects that rarely required me to go outside.

Of course you miss a lot of life that way, and for writers that can stifle creativity.  I play to get out more this autumn.  I hope the winter isn't too bitterly cold, as well.  And after the snow stars falling, I'll look forward to spring.

But for now, there's the writing. 

We're lucky people -- those of us who can throw ourselves into an adventure in words and explore new places, and enjoy living in an imaginary person's skin for a while.  It can take out us out of the heat, and it can transform a dull summer afternoon (too hot to clean house, you know) into an exciting romp through snow clad mountains, or a swim with mermaids in a perfect blue sea.

All you have to do is remember to enjoy the adventure.  Sometimes we miss that in our pursuit of the perfect sentence.  However, always remember that the sentence doesn't make the story.  Be sure to share the adventure as well as the perfectly placed comma!