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About This Issue
Issue # 34


For some reason getting the July/August issue of Vision up is almost always a problem.  It seems that the mid-year work is difficult -- people have things to do, and coordinating between all of them is very difficult.   Themes seem to have disappeared this year, but the articles I'm getting are so good that I don't care! 

So here, a few days late, is Issue # 34,  filled with some wonderful advice and information for writers.

I hope that you enjoy the issue, and please feel free to drop me a note if you are reading Vision.  I love to hear from you!

Upcoming Themes:

Remember that theme articles are only a small part of the issue, and I always need articles on other aspects of writing.  Please submit material!  We are open to writers at all levels of publication, and I'm as likely to publish a new author as a known one.

September/October (Deadline August 10th)-- Learning from other genres
Limiting yourself to one genre, both in writing and reading, is ignoring a treasure trove of helpful information.  Your romance might benefit from a little mystery, and your science fiction from a little romance.  What can we learn from genres outside our own?

November/December -- Children aren't stupid
Writing for children does not mean 'dumbing down' a story.  Characters, experiences, and voice play important roles in children's books.  What are some of the tricks that can help adults think like a child again, but communicate like an adult?