Lazette Gifford
Publisher & Editor


New on the Shelves!

Forward Motion for Writers has many published authors as members.  Here are just a few of the currently available materials that they have had published:

Lazette Gifford's current publications include:

Available through the Holly Lisle Bookstore

Freedom and Fame

Book Six of the Dark Staff Series

Available from DDP


Holly Lisle's novels, available in bookstores and online:

 Last Girl Dancing
By Holly Lisle

Midnight Rain

By Holly Lisle

Talyn -- Final Production Cover

By Holly Lisle


Create A Character Clinic cover art

Create a Character Clinic

Available soon at


S. L. Viehl's novels, available in bookstores and online:

The Way of the Cheetah

Available from OneMoreWord

By S.L Viehl


By S.L. Viehl


If Angel's Burn

by Lynn Viehl

If Angel's Burn made it to the U.S.A. Today Best Seller List!

Private Demon: A Novel of the Darkyn

by Lynn Viehl



Tamara Siler Jones' novels, available in bookstores and online:

Treads of Malice

by Tamara Siler Jones


Ghosts in the Snow

by Tamara Siler Jones



Wen Spencer's novels, available in bookstores and online:

A Brother's Price

by Wen Spencer

Dog Warrior

by Wen Spencer


by Wen Spencer

Wolf Who Rules

by Wen Spencer


C. E. Murphy's novels, available in bookstores and online:

Urban Shaman

by C.E. Murphy

Including Banshee Cries

by C. E. Murphy


by Cate Dermody

C.E. Murphy (Site Member cemurphy) will also be releasing a second urban fantasy series through her publisher Luna Books. The first title will be Heart of Stone, available late 2007 in mass market paperback. This new series will be released concurrently with her Walker Papers series.


Left Horse Black

by S.J. Reisner (Site Member Stephjr)

is available at your local bookstore or from the ArcheBooks in ebook and hardcover.




Kristen Howe (Site Member angelscribe) has a poem, Gulf Coast Devastation, available in the Poets' Section of Funny Paper.

Val Griswold-Ford (Site Member captain_hobbes)'s novel Not Your Father's Horseman received nominations for both ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year and the 2006 Independent Publisher Book Awards.
ISBN #1-896944-27-2
Available from Dragon Moon Press

Lunar Pioneers by Robert A. Black (Site Member ShutterBob) has been accepted by Windstorm Creative. This is a middle-grade reader story about a family in the 22nd century who move to a Moon colony.

Gisele LeBlanc (Site Member Gisele L) has sold her short story Jasmine Magic to Story Station. The story will be available in April 2006.

Zoe Cannon (Site Member luminessence) debuts in The Forum at the end of April 2006. Her story is called Disciple's Path.

Cliff Hightower (Site Member rocklion)'s story The Ghosts and Christy Lee will appear in the June edition of The Dark Reveries.

Cheryl Mills (Site Member cherylmills) has a short story, Sunset Limited, appearing in the July 2006 issue of The Harrow.