Lazette Gifford
Publisher & Editor


About This Issue
Issue # 33


Spring has come to the northern hemisphere, bringing rain and flowers, and muddy dog paw prints through the house.  Some writers find the renewal of nature gives them the extra little push they need to get back to work, as well.  Winter and rest is over, and it's time to get those manuscripts finished!

This issue is filled with interesting tidbits that might help to re-spark that fire and push you on to finishing your work.  Or they might just give you some new ideas for the next story.

I hope that the season (spring or fall) brings you lots of inspiration and writing enjoyment!

Good luck with your writing in 2006!

Upcoming Themes:

Remember that theme articles are only a small part of the issue, and I always need articles on other aspects of writing.  Please submit material!  We are open to writers at all levels of publication, and I'm as likely to publish a new author as a known one.

July/August (Deadline June 10th) -- What are The Rules? And when can you break them?
Don't use 'ly' words, don't write partial sentences, don't ... there are dozens of rules we see in writing all the time.  What are they?  Why do they work, and when don't they?

September/October (Deadline August 10th)-- Learning from other genres
Limiting yourself to one genre, both in writing and reading, is ignoring a treasure trove of helpful information.  Your romance might benefit from a little mystery, and your science fiction from a little romance.  What can we learn from genres outside our own?

November/December -- Children aren't stupid
Writing for children does not mean 'dumbing down' a story.  Characters, experiences, and voice play important roles in children's books.  What are some of the tricks that can help adults think like a child again, but communicate like an adult?