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By Lazette Gifford
Lazette Gifford


The Cults of the Roman Empire

Robert Turcan

Translated by Antonia Nevill

Blackwell Publishers

ISBN 0631200460


The Romanization of foreign Gods is a fascinating subject, and one that makes it easy to understand how Christianity so 'easily' won a place in the most powerful empire of its age.  It is also a very good way to study the creation of a religion for a fantasy or science fiction novel.

Turcan takes a look at a number of foreign cults that were popular with the Romans, including Cybele, Isis, Mithra, Dionysus and more.  He includes a brief history on the origin of each cult,  how it came to Rome, and how people celebrated their beliefs.

This is an expensive book and is probably best found at a library!


A Perfect Harmony

Roger A. Caras

Simon and Schuster

ISBN 0684811006


Caras believes that without the animal help-mates that humanity has domesticated down through the ages, we would not have become civilized.  While he may have some points in his favor, the book tends to be heavy-handed in the praise of animals and the evils of humans.  He even questions if the animals didn't, in fact, domesticate us -- and he has a point, in some ways.  It was probably a cooperative effort in some cases.

The book does offer some interesting views, and for the worldbuilding-writer, there are a few possibilities -- even in his over-the-top way -- that can spark ideas for writing.  This need not be just for the science fiction and fantasy crowd.  Anyone writing a (Pre)Historical fiction novel might want to look into some of these ideas.