Lazette Gifford
Publisher & Editor


From the Editor:
Welcome to 2006 -- Let the Insanity begin!


By Lazette Gifford
Lazette Gifford

Starting a new year is always filled with excitement for me.  I make it a habit of finishing everything from the previous year before midnight, December 31st so that I can begin the next year with the feeling that I can do anything.  It's a little psychological boost that makes me look kindly to the prospect of moving forward.

This year I've made myself a goal of sending out more of my novel manuscripts.  It's amazing how that works -- apparently spending long hours writing the beasts, and even spending months editing them, is not quite enough.  Somehow publishers haven't quite found my gems of writing just by their very existence.  They seem to think I need to send them the work.

Setting goals is about looking for ways to improve what you're doing.  I don't make outlandish goals that I can't possibly keep.  I don't, for instance, set a goal that I will sell something to a publisher.  I have no direct control over what the publishers decide and setting goals that are outside my personal control is a way to create failure.  Instead, I set up a goal to get material out to the publishers.  That's the best I can do.

My suggestion is that if you set goals and resolutions for the year where it comes to writing, don't look at making some extraordinary promise that you can't keep.  Set good, reachable goals.  Exceed those goals, if possible, but don't set them so high (or out of your control) that you are destined for failure. 

Goals can give you the same sort of psychological boast that I get by starting each year with a clean slate.  Enjoy the feel of stretching your wings a little... but don't leap off a cliff if you aren't yet ready to fly!

Good luck. And don't forget to have fun!