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Publisher & Editor


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As a writing community, we are always pleased to announce publications by site members.  Check out the Forward Motion Bookstore as well!

Book Cover Last Girl Dancing
By Holly Lisle

is available at your local bookstore


Talyn -- Final Production CoverTalyn
By Holly Lisle

is available at your local bookstore



By S.L Viehl

is available in local bookstores



By S.L. Viehl

Is available in local bookstores!



If Angel's Burn

by Lynn Viehl

is available at your local bookstore.

If Angel's Burn made it to the U.S.A. Today Best Seller List!

Illuminated Manuscripts
Edited by Lazette Gifford
(And including her Story, Gift of the Nile)
(Cover art also by Lazette Gifford)

Available through Dragon Tooth Fantasy Ebooks

Other Forward Motion Writers appearing in the anthology are Cheryl Peugh with The Northwatch and Fred S. Dubson with A Dragon's Tale.

Lazette's short story, Blood of the Clan (based on a pre-production copy of the SpirosBlaak game from Green Ronin) is available on line and in a print supplement to the game.

Lazette sold a short story, Peter T. Cat's Christmas Tale: Cat and Mouse Games, to Whortleberry Press's upcoming Christmas Cat book.  She has done the cover art work as well.


Ghosts in the Snow

by Tamara Siler Jones

is available at your local bookstore.


Dog Warrior

by Wen Spencer

is available at your local bookstore.




cover for URBAN SHAMAN, from Luna Books, June 2005Urban Shaman

by C.E. Murphy

is available at your local bookstore.


Left Horse Black

by S.J. Reisner (Site Member Stephjr)

is available at your local bookstore or from the ArcheBooks in ebook and hardcover.



Carter Nipper (Site Member Arrvee)'s story, Best Teacher, was selected for Honourable Mention in the Bitten Vampire Short Fiction Contest. It is online at

Gisele LeBlanc (Site Member Gisele L.) has had several recent publication successes:

Iggy's Home is Gisele's first print sale. It will be appearing in Our Little Friend, a religious magazine for children.

Grandma's Got Purple Hair will appear in the Oct/Nov 2005 issue of Inspiration Station. She will have her own column in the magazine going forward as well.

And finally, the back cover artwork for the October issue of Beyond Centauri is Gisele's first artistic appearance in print.

Richard S. Crawford (Site Member rscrawford) has a short story, An Interrupted Nap, appearing in the October issue of Shimmer magazine. This is his first print sale.

Fred S. Dubson (Site Member Drake Silverwing) has a short story, A Dragon's Tale, appearing in the first Illuminated Manuscripts Anthology.

Cheryl Peugh (Site Member cherylp) has two short stories available:

The Northwatch is appearing in the first Illuminated Manuscripts Anthology.

The Sun and the Moon will be coming out in Prizm Quarterly magazine, issue 8.2.

Kristen Howe (Site Member angelscribe) has four poems that were accepted for publication:

Touched by an Angel is published on Pink Chameleon Online.

Showy Autumn Crocus, Autumn Fern and Japanese Painted Fern will appear in the British online and print magazine, Poetic Hours, in November.

Steve Moody (site member under the same name) has a story, The Last Drive, appearing in the F/SF anthology put out by Rage Machine Books.

Mirren Hogan (Site Member Tabra) has her first published short story Honey available from Specusphere magazine.