Lazette Gifford
Publisher & Editor


Editor's Note: 

Why Creative People Are Never Bored

By Lazette Gifford
Lazette Gifford

With the exception of time spent stuck at a deadly dull job or otherwise doing something where they cannot let their minds wander, I've discovered that creative people -- and most especially writers -- never get bored.

This is because creative people don't depend on others to entertain them.  Seems pretty apparent to me, but you'd be surprised by the number of people who find it astounding that I don't need anything but myself and some scraps of paper and a pen to be happy.  Oh sure, I love to work with the other stuff, too -- computers, PDAs, and all the rest of it -- but there have been plenty of times I've found myself stuck somewhere without any of these modern wonders.  I once locked myself out of the house and scrounged around the porch for some scraps of paper and something to write with, and was quite happy to wait a few hours until Russ got home.

Some people will consider it a waste of time to sit around writing.  Many of those people would rather be sitting in front of the television watching the latest Reality TV drek.  You can't let them be the judge of what you do for enjoyment -- especially since your enjoyment has a chance of earning you money.

That doesn't mean you have to be tied to the writing.  People have noticed that I'm doing more digital art.  I've always been a photographer and get out to take pictures as often as I can.  Having lots of interests is good for a writer, just as it is for any other person.  It's just that as a writer you don't need those other things just to be busy.  You have writing.  You can go create whole new worlds, tragic love stories, and great adventures while others are complaining that there's nothing new at the local video rental store.

But it's nearly midnight on a Saturday night.  I could be out at the bars drinking away brain cells.  I could be out in the living room watching something (which, occasionally, I like to do, at least from my personal video collection). 

Or I could open up my WIP (Work in Progress)  and start writing the next chapter of a novel that is going very well, about a character about whom I enjoy writing, and a world that is coming more alive for me every time I sit down to write.

Ah, yeah.  Like anything would drag me away from writing! (grin)