Lazette Gifford
Publisher & Editor



About this issue

Issue # 28

July/August 2005


First, my apologies for being late with this issue. Occasionally there just isn't enough time to get everything done!  I do hope you enjoy the issue.  We have some wonderful articles, as always. 

In the last four and a half years we've published well over 300 articles, including workshops, reviews and interviews.  There is considerable information in our back issues, and I hope that late comers to the ezine will take the time to look through what we have to offer.

From experience I know that writers can teach other writers about what works for them.  Like everything else in life, not all the advice will work for everyone who reads it, but we can often glean little gems that help out.

If you are a writer -- not necessarily a published writer -- you may have found something that has helped you.  If you would like to share that information with others, please give us a try.  Technical advice, inspiration, and how-to articles are always welcome.

Our next issue's theme is 'celebrating genres.'  I would love to see articles on what draws people to the genres in which they write, and what they feel are both the strong points and the weaknesses.  I am not looking for articles that lambaste genres you don't write in, however.

The themes for the next two issues are:
(Theme articles are a small part of each issue.  I'm open to any writing-related articles at all times.)

  • September/October #29 Celebrating Genres (Deadline August 10th)
    Romance, fantasy, sf, mystery, horror and more -- the world of genres is filled with wonderful treasures.  As a writer, what are your favorites and what do those genres included?
  • November/December #30  Character creation (Deadline October 10th)
    Characters can talk to us in our heads and keep us awake at night, but what does it take to make them come alive on the page?