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 Lazette Gifford
Publisher & Editor


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Issue # 27

May/June 2005


Once upon a time....

This issue's theme is openings, and we have some wonderful material.  Some of the articles will seem contradictory, but that's the joy of writing -- there is no one real answer.  You may find that a combination of things help you, and you may find your own unique way to start your manuscripts. 

This issue goes beyond just openings, however.  Be sure to read C. E. Murphy's Interview and see how a new author is handling a plethora of contracts, and check out the various other articles on subjects from improving your prose to taking the time to accept rejections.

This takes us half way through year five of production!  Thank you to everyone who has contributed and to those who read Vision: A Resource for Writers.  I hope you continue to enjoy each issue.

And please consider writing an article for Vision.  I'm always interested in anything writing related!

Upcoming Themes: 

  • July/August #28 Types of publication (Deadline June 10th)
    The world of publication has changed drastically with the advent of the Internet.  What are the different venues in both print and electronic formats, and what should writers know about both?

  • September/October #29 Celebrating Genres (Deadline August 10th)
    Romance, fantasy, sf, mystery, horror and more -- the world of genres is filled with wonderful treasures.  As a writer, what are your favorites and what do those genres included?

  • November/December #30  Character creation (Deadline October 10th)
    Characters can talk to us in our heads and keep us awake at night, but what does it take to make them live on the page?