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 Lazette Gifford
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Writing Exercise:

From the last issue:

Here is one entry from each of the emails I received for the first exercise.  Very nice work!  And be sure to look below for the next exercise!


Having a meaningful romance is tricky when she's an eternal virgin, and he's a dead guy.  (The Valkyrie Dilemma) 

Margaret Fisk

She'll do anything to get off Ceric...but will she come to regret it? (Shafter) 

D. M. Bonanno

A healer haunted by a dead man's memory and her own vow of secrecy. (For I Have Sinned, unpublished short story) 

Sten Düring

One man to change a life; two to change a world. (The Taleweaver)

Robert Billing

One woman stands between the Kelsos and unlimited booty. And Jane's not moving. (Run from the Stars)


Death is ready to claim her next victim, but she's lost the paperwork.

Craig Allen

Saving the world is easier than saving one's self.  (Crystal Heart)

Darwin Garrison

In Osgormia, magic is not only real but downright dangerous … especially to magicians! (Errant Magic)

Teri Sandstedt

A throne he can't leave; a war he can't stop; a choice he can't have. (Pretender to The Throne)

Ivo Gonçalves

Normal people, chosen heroes or mystical creatures? It matters little in the end. (Roses of Darkness)



Exercise # 2:

You remind me of someone...


Many people enjoy 'casting, their novels with familiar faces from movies and television, and sometimes even musicians or characters from other books.   So here is a fun little chance to cast your novel.  Cast as many or as few of the characters as you like. 


From my unwritten novel, Resolutions of Trust:

Fayette is a slightly older version of Lilah from the Angel series... and with fewer morals. There's a rather frightening idea for a character.

Emil is a young Lou Diamond Phillips -- just off the streets, tough and hungry, and willing to bend personal morals, although he balks at injury to others.

Have fun!  I'll copy one or two of your casting experiments for the next issue.

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